08 February 2011

You have got to be KIDDING ME!

So my parents left yesterday really early in the morning to attend a Farm conference in California. But of course they left us with good advice like...Do the dishes (mother)...don't kill each other (papa)...make sure D eats a good breakfast before he leaves at a quarter 6:00 am (mother)...if we die, our life insurance should cover the rest of the mortgage (papa)...things like that! You know things you're used to hearing them say every time they go out of town...so you don't really listen to it any more...! I wasn't real worried.

What I was worried about was the Spanish paper that I didn't do over the weekend and had to finish before class. I was in my room all morning type, type, typing away until I had to leave for class. As I was getting ready to walk out the door Sis tells me D had called. That seemed a little odd, but Sis went on to say that he had hit someone or someone had hit him, and his glasses or something had cut his head. Of course my first question was, "D HIT someone?" That did not sound very much like D...Did I need to go get him? Is he OK? He didn't say he needed to come home, or act like it was anything. But he still needs a ride after Baseball tryouts. With that I roll my eyes, wondering why D would call to tell us that, but more importantly praying that my Spanish class would be canceled.

Much later in the day I go to pick D up. I am sitting in the parking lot when I get a text from D. It's a picture! It looks something like this...

...Oh you have got to be FREAKING kidding me! D that isn't a cut...that is a GASH on YOUR HEAD! I think you need stitches! Did you go to the nurse? Yeah! So what happened?...

Well I was in weights and we were playing football. Both Me and this kid, who I can't remember his name but everyone calls him Obama because he looks like Obama...yeah I got that D, back to the bloody gash on your head...well this Obama kid is like 2 feet taller than me...two feet taller...well like a foot, but we were both jumping for the ball...then he added some football terms here, that didn't really register in my brain...then we hit! The next thing I know there is blood everywhere. I didn't know what was going on, I couldn't see because I didn't have my glasses on anymore. I reached up and touched my head and there was blood all over my hand!...now as D is explain all the blood I become aware of how ironic it is that the one person in our family who has known problems seeing...body things happen...and has fainted not only while donating blood, but also while helping Mel to the bathroom after her knee surgery. Yeah turns out that after surgery you come home yellow, from the iodine, and that just makes it look like skin is rotting, on your person. In the end Mel crawled back to the bedroom to make sure I was alright before crawling back to her couch...I just don't do well with you know...grossness!...but D kept telling me about all the blood, oozing out of his head!...So you're bleeding, really bad, and the nurse thought it was OK for you to stay at school...AND GO TO BASEBALL!?!...Well she had ME call home. But I told her my parents were out of town, but my sisters were home!...but the nurse, didn't want to talk to us. Let us know, that you were bleeding and there was lots of blood and let you stay for Baseball?!...Well she said if I got dizzy I should stop. But it was tryouts so I needed to stay!...oh you have got to be Kidding me!

By the time we got home, I was very very upset with the school...and a little with D for not telling us! But D had sent the picture to Mel and my parents as well; the insurance card was located and Mel took him to Urgent Care while Megs and I watched her boys...because let's be honest, I have a terrible track record when it comes to the hurts of the body! Come to think of it, I was the one babysitting D when he jumped off the trampoline and broke his foot when he was seven!...four hours and 8 stitches later they were back!

And to end this post I just have to vent! Because I cannot believe that they didn't send him home! He should have been taken to UC at 11:30 when it happened not at 5:30 when he finally got home! The only adult that seemed to think that this was kind of ridiculous was his coach who kept telling him...YOU'RE still Bleeding! Maybe you should take it easy!...But he still let him try out!!! How can a Nurse not call the house? What did the rest of his teachers think? D is very sweet kid, but is pretty terrible at explaining situations...thus why none of us realized that the cut he got, was one--a gash and two--bleeding!...But don't schools have a legal responsibility, to ensure kids get the medical attention they need for injuries received on school property, during school? I know D, told them his parents were out of town, but wouldn't you think that a responsible adult would then explain to the peeps taking care of him that he might need stitches!!!! It's a wound on his head...A VERY BLOODY cut! The more I think about the more baffled I become!...and by baffled I mean really pissed off!...I really want to call the school and ask them what their standard procedure is for kids with injuries, that come into the nurses office that look like they need stitches...and continue to bleed off and on during the day! I have no medical training...I can handle neosporin and band-aids thats about it..but even I could simply look at it and come to the conclusion that he needs stitches within in seconds of seeing it! Maybe I'm just being over protective of my little bro, but I'm pretty dang sure that Nurse Despain at my high school would have done a little more! Maybe I'm over reacting! It was only a head wound that oozed blood to the point he couldn't see. It was only in the vicinity of his eye. But I'm a big baby, I would have insisted on going home...but I guess all's well that ends well right? Oh, hell no, but Mel's having another baby and D is still alive, with a doctor's note getting him out of sweating activities during weights and baseball until Thursday!

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Amy said...

Wow, I would be royally ticked off. Call his school! That is unacceptable. When a student's health is put at risk, there is something seriously wrong. And that gash looks horrible! When he was playing football wouldn't his coach have told him to stop? Or the nurse? Isn't that what she is paid for? Really? Seriously, bawl out the school. They deserve it. I would be irate too!