16 March 2011

Superhero Party!

I had the most fun putting Super PB's birthday together!

I could barely walk to church the next day after climbing up and down and up and down to hang these balloons! And as you can tell we had some wind...so my table cloths would not cooperate...as well as everything else that was hanging!

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to come up with names for food!

Mel and I spent a lot of time trying to decide what we could call everything!

But it was totally worth it!

PB has been asking me about his Super Hero Birthday Party since January and I think it came together pretty much perfectly!

But I cannot take all the credit, Mel did a ton of work! And pretty much all the food...I helped a little, but food really isn't my forte! My kitchen expertise is limited to rolling cake balls, adding food color, and buying candy!

But none of this would have been possible if not for the Silhouette Mel and I bought!

It makes all the difference! We wouldn't have been able to make half the stuff we did without it!

Despite planning this party since January, we did most of the work day before!

Yeah, let's be honest...I'm the coolest Auntie...Ever!

We spray painted metal trays from the Dollar Store and lined them with extra comic book covers!

We made Super Hero Treat Bags for all the kids! Along with Capes and Medals...but I'll have to find more pictures of the those!

For the back drops I downloaded comic book covers the printed them at Staples! It was all pretty easy...just a little time consuming gluing everything together!

But seriously it was the coolest party ever!

...and there is more to come!!


Mariley Johnson said...

You can plan my next party!!

Panda said...

Really,I just died.

Emilee said...

i think i need a few power pills to boost my parties! you guys rock!

curtis03 Lewis said...

Love this Superhero Party! I loved all these party details. Those energy drink bottle decorations are looking stunning. Well, I am also going to reserve most popular kid’s party NYC venues for my son’s 5th birthday party. I hope his bash will also be such beautiful and enjoyable!