18 May 2011

The King's Birthday!

Today is country music king George Strait's 59th birthday! I've loved George since I realized that he's Dusty on Pure Country...a movie everyone should see! He has an AMAZING voice and was pretty hot too! Here is one of my favorite George Strait songs, Desperately!

Happy Birthday George!

17 May 2011

Happiness is the Little Things...

#87. Getting an 'A' on a test that you didn't study for!

16 May 2011


School is done for the semester and I can finally think again. So I guess it's time to catch up on what's been going on. Now most people in the world spent 29 April celebrating the Royal Wedding, but us simple peeps down in good ol' QC were celebrating a different person!

Mother turned another year older and we had a little spring party for her! We had donuts and fruit bruschetta!

I fell in love with this table cloth when I saw it at Target, and the vases were at the dollar store! I made everyone a party hat on the silhouette! I had a blast! We played a who knows Mombest game, and even though there wasn't a clear winner...I totally know better then most!

The hardest part was draping the streamers...which would have been easier if I was taller and if little PB didn't want to keep trying to pull them down! But in the end...I loved it! We ate Chinese food from Moon China...which doesn't really scream Spring but it's Mother's favorite!

Here's the Birthday girl and her favorite grandkids! It was a really fun night, I was even able to bust out the bubble machine I got at Target--yeah it was a huge it with PB and PH and me! I love it!