24 July 2011

On this day...

On 24 July 1991, Harry Potter received his first letter from Hogwarts.

22 July 2011

Happiness is the Little Things...

247. Walking into a building with Air Conditioning during an Arizona summer!

21 July 2011

In One Word!

Have you seen this video?

If you had to describe Your Harry Potter experience in word what would it be?

Intense. Wicked. Amazing. Fantastic. Childhood. Legendary.

I saw the last movie tonight, and I sobbed through the whole thing.

16 July 2011

12 July 2011

Oh Ewan!

Watched this tonight and had to share! Oh my I love him! Ewan McGregor plays lightsabers on the Graham Norton Show.
He's even better when you hear his real accent! I've rewatched the part where he says twirl like seven times already!