20 August 2011

Bugs Life...

As N went off to horse camp I promised L that we would do something really fun--look for bugs! Yep, L loves bugs--I don't get it and I never will--so we went bug hunting.

And we found some--to be honest she probably would have found more bugs if she was hunting with someone who didn't hate bugs! But we caught them and put them in our bug holders and she transferred them into her bug house every night.

L set bug traps everywhere--but we never caught a bug in any of them!

I would get to her house in the mornings and she would tell me all about the bug traps she "made up"!

Then we'd wait for the bugs!

When it got really hot we would hunt for bugs in the house--I had 12 glow in the dark bugs that we would hide and then find! L thought this was the best game ever--and for a six year old she was very good at hiding them!

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