19 August 2011


To continue our Fishy business, N read us some fishy books from the Library!

We made aquariums out of paper plates, sandwich bags, crayons, and paper fish!

To end our Fishy weeks we had a Ocean/Pirate party!

We had a treasure hunt that led them to the party!

We made these crab hats--and I made the girls where to the store to buy popsicles!

We has tuna fish sandwiches, blue jello with gummy fish, fish crackers, pickels--the boys love pickles! They could eat a whole jar by themselves!--squeeze-its, ding dongs, and Swedish fish!

Then after lunch we had a Pirate war with marshmallows and water balloons!

PH loved his pirate patch, but he only wanted to wear it like this!

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