18 August 2011

Sea Life...

Our first adventure this Summer was to Sea Life! Which happened to be on World Oceans Day--Did you know there was a World Oceans Day? I didn't, but I did take credit for planning our trip on a day that just happened to be Fishy day!

All the kids loved it! Except after playing on the playland thing at the end we asked PB if he liked it, and he said, No, because he didn't see Nemo!--There are Nemo and Dori fish there!

But he sure talked a lot about the big crabs and sharks for someone who was disappointed!

Megs even joined us after school! PH didn't like this big fish guy, and L kind of screamed a little when she first saw him!

What did I do at Sea Life? Well, I taught them how to do the Little Mermaid pose. It was very educational!

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Emilee said...

laughing!! love the mermaid pose! remember swimming and playing little mermaid? so fun! then sticking our towels that 'special' way to look like a mermaid. hahaha!