17 August 2011


Well now that school has started, my girls have gone back to school and I am officially unemployed I thought I should write about what we did all summer!

To kick the summer off, we went to the library! A shocking turn of events I know. I really don't know a better way to start out the summer. Everyone got to choose a book--except for me who had classes all summer long and had no time to enjoy a good book, that wasn't assigned! (This is not a posed picture, this is how I really found them!)

We also made Summer scrapbooks! N & L loved them! I pulled out all our scrapbook paper and they were seriously entertained for hours! It was great! We kept them up pretty good--they really liked putting pictures in it, making random shapes to put in it, drawing pictures, we even used them as our science journals! It was all very fun!

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