14 September 2011

Happiness is the Little Things...

69. Pinky Promises!

The end of an Era...

After serving as Bishop for seven years Papa was released at the end of July.

He gave a good talk that Sunday.
He told the Primary kids to remember that prayers are answered.
He told the Young women that prayers are answered and asked them all to go do what they had to do to go to the temple one day.
He told the Young men to stay morally worthy and that he wanted them all to plan on serving missions and he wanted them to come by and tell him where they were going.
He told the Women that he had come to appreciate them more, and because to them he knew that Charity really does Never Fail. Then he told them all to remember that the Savior knows each of their names, just as he called Mary by her name after he was resurrected.
He then thanked all the men for all that did, and that they had all blessed his life.
He then told everyone that he never worried about himself, because everyday he had over 200 people praying for the Bishop--but now he was only going to have his family and his Mom (Mema and Pop came to listen to his last talk!).
To close he read Alma 29:16-17 about sitting down in the Kingdom of God with his brethren and how it was still his goal to one day sit down with everyone in the room in the presence of our Father in Heaven when this life is over.

It's kind of been surreal since Papa's been released. He now teaches Sunday School to the 11-12 year olds and he loves it! It's been almost two months and it's still weird seeing him on Sunday mornings--I don't think he's ever been home on Sunday mornings; he's always been in the Bishopric, or High Council or something--it's nice but strange!

Happiness is the Little Things...

143. Drinking a cup of tea while watching the rain!

Harry Potter!

The first time I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2...I cried like a baby!
Seriously, I cried from the first moment Professor Snape was on the screen until it was over--and it wasn't just silently crying it was like my seat was moving, I went through 8 tissues crying--O who sat next to me made the comment afterwards that I cried so much it made him uncomfortable.

That being said the second time I went and saw it was with the girls, and I didn't cry nearly as much! Why did I cry? Mainly because it was the end, I knew who was dying, and everyone thought Snape was evil, and he finally get exonerated in this film--But I NEVER DOUBTED!--I knew there was no way Dumbledore could be fooled. And Snape proves once again that Love is stronger than any hate!

This is what we wore! I had my HP shirt, N had her robe and Gryffindor tie, L grabbed a cape and said she needed a tie, so she wore my sparkly silver tie--which fit because she was sorted into Slytherin the week before!
The girls loved it! I loved it! Though I have my issues with the HP films, I do love them.
Watching this final movie felt like the closing of a chapter of my life, my youth, you might say. I was a part of the HP generation and I'm fetching proud of it!

Happiness is the Little Things...

253. The smell of popcorn at the movie theater!

Pre Birthday Bash!

N turned 10 this summer and to celebrate her birthday we had a HSM Pre-Birthday Bash!

We ate Pizza, played HSM Karaoke!
And we took pictures with our favorite peeps!

Then Megs came home and we had to take some more pictures!

13 September 2011

Happiness is the Little Things...

181. Running through the sprinklers!


For PS's 26th and Meg's 21st Birthdays we had a luau at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Since it was Meg's 21st birthday we had a mini Tiki-Bar!

We ate, we swam, it was a lot of fun!

We took some photos!

All the kids were really funny! They kept saying "They look so real!"