14 September 2011

Harry Potter!

The first time I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2...I cried like a baby!
Seriously, I cried from the first moment Professor Snape was on the screen until it was over--and it wasn't just silently crying it was like my seat was moving, I went through 8 tissues crying--O who sat next to me made the comment afterwards that I cried so much it made him uncomfortable.

That being said the second time I went and saw it was with the girls, and I didn't cry nearly as much! Why did I cry? Mainly because it was the end, I knew who was dying, and everyone thought Snape was evil, and he finally get exonerated in this film--But I NEVER DOUBTED!--I knew there was no way Dumbledore could be fooled. And Snape proves once again that Love is stronger than any hate!

This is what we wore! I had my HP shirt, N had her robe and Gryffindor tie, L grabbed a cape and said she needed a tie, so she wore my sparkly silver tie--which fit because she was sorted into Slytherin the week before!
The girls loved it! I loved it! Though I have my issues with the HP films, I do love them.
Watching this final movie felt like the closing of a chapter of my life, my youth, you might say. I was a part of the HP generation and I'm fetching proud of it!

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