18 October 2011


In all the 27 years I've been alive, we've NEVER had an animal that was allowed in the house...except for when we had fish.

And now we have this pathetic--pathetically cute--little kitten running around our house!  The girls found a baby kitten in the back of the house a couple of weeks ago, and it's mom is...well, we really don't know who it's mother is.  But my Mother has adopted it.  She bottle feeds it, plays with it, it sleeps on her...it's her new best friend!  She's named it Bootsie--which I refuse to call it! I find it degrading to give animal little cutesy names--to the animal and more importantly to me...and I name all my electronic devices!--I call it Cat, or when Pb and Ph are here Kitty Cat. 

Do you give your pets cutesy names?

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