16 October 2011


You know when you get to that point when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and instead of pulling a Nicole and sprinting towards the end...you just want to lay down on the curb and take a nap.

Yeah, that's how I feel!

Seriously, it's pretty bad!  And yet...I just cannot seem to take these last four classes seriously!  First off, I cannot graduate Magna Cum Laude because I don't have enough actual hours at ASU--which is ridiculous!  That being said, my desire to get those A's...yeah, not so important to me any more.  That's probably terrible to admit, but it's true--at the same time this is coming from a person who has decide what grade she was going to get the first day of class since she started college.  Yeah I'll admit it, I'm a really good student who is usually pretty dang happy with that B.  I did pretty good though at ASU, pulling all A's except for two classes--and one of those was an online Spanish 202 five week class, which is the most ridiculous class ever--If you don't speak the language never take this...unless you're going to do all the homework...then you're probably ok.  Anyways I've written three semi intense papers in the last week--which means I've gone literally days without sleep.  But I guess that's what I get for becoming an English Lit major!

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Nicole and Erik said...

Ha ha, thanks for the shout-out! I can't believe I made a link in your famous blog! Thanks for cheering up my lame day.