03 November 2011


I've gone through a lot of professors since high school. I've liked some, loathed others, and often wondered why my professors never looked like Indiana Jones.  That being said I do have a professor this semester that reminds me of a "movie star"--just not a young Harrison Ford.  ASU's Professor Newhauser is--I swear--Paul Giamatti's shorter Jewish brother with a dash of Dustin Hoffman thrown in just to slightly intimidate his students.

As a general rule, I try to avoid writing anything about my professors anywhere that could be accessed during the semester--but what the heck, I might be done in December anyways.

This is the second class I'm taking from Newhauser--and they've been pretty intense.  The first class was Aurthurian Literature and my current class is Chaucer.  It's been a lot of reading, but they are 400 level English classes so it's expected.  What I like about the class is that there are no surprises--and NO group work!  He lectures, but he's not boring.  He's also very old school, which means no computers in the classroom--he doesn't think you can type and listen at the same time.  If you do the reading--and go to class--you're good!  If you're looking to take an upper level English class I highly recommend ASU's Giamatti-Hoffman hybrid Professor Richard Newhauser.

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