28 November 2011


One thing I've enjoyed at ASU is that it consistently reminds that it's impossible to know what anyone is like--based solely on their appearance.  For example--in one of my classes there is this girl who seems very intense! First she's very tall--not that I have anything against tall people, but when you grace the world at all of 5'2 1/2"  there are a lot of tall people and they can be pretty intense.  Besides being very tall, she has quite a few tattoos and a lot of piercings--not just piercings but piercings that make me hurt when I look at her because I can't imagine that they didn't really hurt when she got them!  Despite that she's really funny!  I've come to really enjoy our pre-class Harry Potter discussions.  So not only is she an HP fan, she doesn't drink--at all.  She said once that she doesn't do any of that--drinking or drugs--she just doesn't want to do that to her body.

I love being reminded that people are unique, you can't judge them based on what you see--except, of course, when it comes to their shoes!

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