02 November 2011


J had her bridal shower last weekend. We stuck to the rustic browns and yellows--and when I say we, I mean my mother because I've been writing stupid papers for what seems like forever!

 We had bread bowls and delicious soups--personal faves would have to be the tomato and the potato soups--Caramel apples, artichoke dip, apple cider, cookies...lots of food!

I could have sworn I took more pictures...but these were all I could find! 

It was a really fun party, and she got a lot of nice things--though my gift was the best, and I don't even have a picture of it!  If I find more pictures I will most definitely share them with you!


KeNzIE said...

You guys sure kmow how to party!

Malinda said...

Thanks! They sure are fun!