16 November 2011

To Infinity and Beyond.

For PH's 2nd birthday we had a Buzz Lightyear slip and slide party! And I'll be honest this invitation was a pain to make--mainly because I had no idea what I was doing!

Meg picked up all these balloons the morning of the party and I'm still not sure how she got 37 balloons out of the store by herself--let alone in the Corolla!

It was so fun to put together!  I found a Toy Story shower curtain on sale at Target, and we used that as the back drop--it's also the boys Christmas present from Auntie, but don't tell them that!

Mother made green alien cupcakes and cookies.  We silhouetted the Porter sign... 

... and the rocket.

The dollar store had square Toy Story foam puzzles back in the spring that I picked up in anticipation of this party!

We set the kids up outside so that they could eat and slip and slide all they wanted.  My Aunt ML let us borrow her snow cone machine--which was the perfect thing for this summer party!

You cannot have a Buzz Lightyear party with out Pizza Planet!  I made the rocket tray for less than $10!

Our newest Space Rangers Baby W and Baby J!

And of course the Birthday Boy!

Best party EVER!!

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