26 November 2011

What do you want to do with your life?

Don't you just love it when someone asks you that? Yeah...me neither. But let's be honest...I'm majoring in English Literature, which is good for...exactly! I learned years ago that the best answer for this is long and technical sounding. For example six years ago when I thought I was going into communications I would tell people, I was majoring in communications with an emphasis in public relations and planned on working for Disney! See it's long, sounds impressive...especially when I told them my goal in life was marrying a Disney! Seriously how cool would it be to say, Hi I'm Malinda Disney!...but now I just tell people the truth, I have no freaking idea! Doesn't sound quite as fun. But here are some jobs that I have at one time or another dreamed of having!

...A speech writer for the President! I blame this on The West Wing! Seriously I wanted Toby's job!
...whatever it was that Josh Lyman did on The West Wing!
...an NCIS agent! You carry a gun and I'd make a really long list of rules that everyone I work with would have to follow!
...J.K. Rowling! Um...yeah, I'd like to be a genius! She created the coolest world since the introduction of Hobbits!
...a stylist! Yeah, I think Rachel Zoe has one of the coolest jobs ever! And amazing designers are always wanting her and her clients to wear the stuff...for FREAKING free! I mainly want to do this for the shoes...and the dresses...and the purses...oh I am such a material girl!
...an Artist/photographer! I think people who can create things are...brilliant! I wish I could just sit down and paint something awesome...but I can't even take an art class because I can't even comprehend getting graded based on if they simply like it, or it looks good! I can't even turn in a test unless there is an answer for every question, let alone basing my entire grade on art! But I sure love to look at it!
...the owner of a Chocolate Store in a little village in France! Who saw the movie Chocolat and didn't want to open their own chocolatry, wear red heels and high waisted skirts and kiss hot Irish pirate/gypsy's that look like Johnny Depp! Not to mention that your best friend might be Dame Judi Dench!
...a wedding planner! Hello J-Lo and David Tutera...my freaking hero! How fun would it be to create something as amazing and a Tutera wedding! Dealing with bridezillas not so much fun, but seeing the end product and being able to say...Holy crap I'm a freaking genius at the end of every wedding...priceless!
...an archaeologist! Jurassic Park and Laura Croft: Tomb Raider and her hot ex-boyfriend who turns out is James Bond!
...work at Sea World! The people who train the dolphins not the killer whales. Call me old fashion, but there is a biological reason they put killer in front of the word whale!
...a pychic detective! You solve crime with your best friend, have awesome hair, and you eat all the time!

...growing up I just always thought I'd be the person who'd just know what she was going to do with her life. There isn't really any thing scarier than knowing you might graduate in a couple weeks and have absolutely no plan for the future--other than needing to move out of your parents house!  Honestly, this scenario never crossed my mind when asked the question--What do you want to do with your life!?

What do you want to do with your life?! 

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