27 January 2012


The ladies weren't the only ones to bring it to the Globes last week.

Bradley Cooper
Sexiest man alive? I don't think so but he brought totally brought it.

Colin Firth
Perfection, absolute perfection!

Jeremy Irvine
The War Horse dude really cleaned up--I love the piping.

Peter Dinklage
It cannot be easy finding a tux for him but his tailor did an excellent job, he looks great!

Ewan McGregor
He's totally rocking the skinny lapels!

Matt LeBlanc
I loved the blue tuxedo!

Viggo Morstensen
Oh my goodness I literally gasped when I saw this picture!  What the freaking heck happened to Aragorn?!?  I have no words--expect for what the--I just don't understand this at all!

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