19 February 2012


"This is why I've avoided success at all costs. I mean you work your whole life to get some nice stuff just so somebody can come along and kill you for it."--Detective Isaiah "Bird" Freeman

NBC has a new drama Awake, about a man who cannot tell between reality and dreaming. It's an interesting enough concept, but I'll be honest the reason I want to watch it is because of Jason Isaacs--Lucius Malfoy--is the main character. When I heard that you could watch the full pilot 2 weeks before the actual show premieres on NBC.com, I had to see what it was all about. 

I really liked it. It's about a police detective who was in a car accident with his family. Now he's living two realities; in one his wife died in the other it was his son who died. This is definitely a show I will be watching and so should you. I hate when a good looking show gets canceled before its time.

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