16 February 2012

Honor Code.

Have you heard about this so called Valentine Violation at BYU? If you haven't you should watch this and be grateful you don't have to put up with the holier than thou attitude of some BYU students.

Now, I'm sure some of you are aware that I did attend BYU for a time. I come from a long line of BYU graduates, Papa use to wake us up in the morning singing BYU's fight song--Rise and shout the cougars are out. I went to BYU with high hopes only to realize that slight panic attacks would often greet me as I walked to class drowning in a sea of pastel polo shirts. I'm sure that my unhappiness was mostly my fault, there are normal fun people who go there I was just to miserable--and freaking cold--to find them. You should also note that not all Mormons are as pompous and the boy who sent the Valentine Violation note. According to the news story, jeggings have been approved to be worn on campus which makes the girls outfit entirely in line with the honor code. So Mister note passer--you aren't in high school anymore, be glad you aren't at ASU where you can pretty much wear as little or as much as you want to--I hope that you are beginning to feel a little bit foolish, because I for one think you are one. Next time you see someone who you personally think is violating you precious honor code take a note from something I learned in Primary--STOP starring at her and hum you freaking favorite Hymn!