13 March 2012

TV Tuesday.

This week was a little slow TV wise for me so to fill time--and sleepless nights--I started a new series, Endgame, on Hulu. I really liked the series as we watch Akady Balagan a World Champion Chess Master who developed agoraphobia after seeing his fiance die outside his hotel. Now he helps solve random cases from his hotel in order to pay for pent house without ever wearing shoes! I really like the little sides where he's trying to understand what is happening. It's clever, funny...it's a good show, one you should take the time to watch!

Have you seen GCB? If you haven't...you're not not missing much. It has it's moments--Kristin Chenoweth singing, guns, the Christian humor--but it's just so...it was better this week but still...! But the one liners are pretty good,

Best Lines:
-"It's on like Alderaan." Raj on the Big Bang Theory in "The Weekend Vortex"
-"I should be having adventures with lemurs!"--Ruby/Red on Once Upon a Time in "Red Handed"
-"Duh. He's my husband, I came from his rib."--Carlene Cockburn on GCB in "Hell Hath No Fury"
-"Cleavage helps your cross hang straight."--Carlene Cockburn on GCB in "Hell Hath No Fury"
-"I have a wonderful, spiritual husband who likes 'em where he can see 'em"--Carlene Cockburn on GCB in "Hell Hath No Fury"

-What were Christina and Adam wearing on the Voice? I'm all about hats and facinators but Christina always seems to be trying too hard.
-Gus and Shawn's Ghost Buster outfits on Psych.
-Gus's footie pj's on Psych.
-Peter's sweater on White Collar.
-Nova's pink outfit in "Dreamy" on Once Upon a Time.

Product Placement:
-Ford Mustang in Alcatraz. Not only does Rebecca Madson drive a green '68 Mustang but Sonny Burnett drove around in one this week too.
-the iPhone whip app on the Big Bang Theory. If I had an iPhone then I would most definitely need this app!
-Vodka and gelato on Endgame.
-Girls Scout cookies on the Office.

-What does Uncle Ray really know on Alcatraz? And what did/does Tommy Madson know?
-Cooper Coupons on the Big Bang Theory! I LOVE IT!!!
-What did the Captain mean at the end of Awake? Taking out his whole family...Are both Hannah and Rex dead? One from each reality? What the heck?!
-Do Russian's really drink that much vodka? I need to make friends with a Russian like Arkady Balagan on Endgame! Or maybe just a chess master!
-Spaghetti Bridge on the Finder--Love it!!
-Where the heck was Mr. Gold this week on Once Upon a Time? He's my favorite character--if you give the evil queen screen time, Rumple should some too!

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