27 March 2012

TV Tuesday.

I thought Alcatraz's episode "Webb Porter" this week was beautifully done. It was creepy beautiful, but still beautiful. I really music through out the episode was haunting and added to the creepy madness of Porter.  I really liked to seeing more of Lucy and Hauser's relationship developement. I do wonder if Lucy was as smitten as Hauser was? How did they find each other in the present? Could Doc and Rebecca be right, is Lucy the key to everything?!

Best Lines:
  • "McBradberry" "McMaps" Tony Dinozzo in "The Tell" on NCIS.
  • "Old people entertain me." Tyler Elliott on NCIS.
  • "I shoot straight and hope it'll be tempered by my teddy bear cuteness."-Tyler Elliott on NCIS
  • "Ever diligent in the war on small talk." Ducky on NCIS.
  • "There's a camp just for boots?" Shawn in "Let's Doo-Wap It Again" on Psych.
  • "I'm wearing my probable cause door kicking shoes." Lassiter on Psych.
  • "He may have thought Chewbacca shot him but Shawn's hunch was right." Woody on Psych.
  • "Mano y mano. Comprende? Verdad?" Dave in "You Snooze, You Bruise" on Happy Endings.
  • "I hate Wonderland."-Jefferson/Mad Hatter in "Hat Trick" on Once Upon A Time.
  • "Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems. But none of them want to believe in it."-Jefferson on Once Upon A Time.
  • "What's crazier than seeing and not believing."-Jefferson on Once Upon a Time.
  • "It's like donde esta Waldo!"-Mary on In Plain Sight.
  • "A bunular display like that is precisely why a lady never wears pants in church!"-Carlene Cockburn in "A Wolf's Sheeps Clothing" on GCB.
  • "Only one man does magic and he's from Jerusalem not Hogwarts!"-Carlene Cockburn on GCB.
Best Outfits:
  • I always love the bedazzling that Martha does on Castle.
  • Steve and Danny's swimsuits in "Kalele (Faith)" on Hawaii 5-0! Don't you think that Danny and Steve should spend more time shirt less on the beach! Danny posing like Steve after he stuck his board in the sand was hilarious!!
  • Ripp Cockburn's flannel and jeans bible reading outfit in "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" on GCB. I don't know if it was the outfit or just David James Elliott wearing it, but holy crap he looked good!
  • Bonnie and Clyde costume on GCB! Pretty much everyone's outfit at the Come as Your Favorite Texan theme party!
  • Jefferson's every shade of gray ascot outfit on Once Upon a Time. Who doesn't love a guy in an ascot? And Regina's FTL outfit, holy boobs!
Product Placements:
  • Dancing with the Stars in "A Dance with Death" on Castle. Even though they didn't actually mention the show by name it was obvious advertising for the dancing show that aired right before it.
  • Facetime app for the I-pad on Psych.
  • BRAVO--the gay history channel! on Happy Endings.
  • Barbasol shaving cream in "Kate is Enough" on Awake.
  • The Broath in "The Broath" on How I Met Your Mother was hilarious and oh so classic Barney! Did anyone else want a copy of the Bro Monk soundtrack playing during the Broath?!Beer Batter Maple Bacon Spring Brake cupcake? Not sure what I think about that on Two Broke Girls.
  • Did anyone else google Brian Dunkleman after the name drop on Castle? Well, I did. He apparently was a co host with Ryan Seacrest on the first season of American Idol.
  • Was that classic Hawaii 5-0 footage that was used on the show this week? I love that they used a character from the old show and tied him into the updated version.
  • What the--Jamie Lee Curtis and Sean Astin on NCIS!  I do not believe Sean Astin could kick in a front door. Sorry I just don't believe it's possible! Despite that I really want Curtis to become a regular on the show!
  • I love Psych's a cappella  theme!
  • Why does Sean Bean always get killed off! He looked amazing! I fell in love all over again and then...boom! But Missing had the good sense to cast him in the first place!
  • Good heavens how I have missed Mad Men! I love me some Roger Sterling! Don told Megan about Dick Witman? Is he insane!?  Do you like Megan? I'm not a fan, but then again I stopped being a fan of Betty after season one.
  • I love the the jaws behind Cricket's desk on GCB.
  • The white rabbit that Jefferson/the Mad Hatter--Interesting Jefferson is the only person beside the Queen to have the same name both in FTL and in Maine--made for his daughter on Once Upon a Time was classic. How did he lose his wife? Who was she? I also really enjoyed watching Sebastian Stan as Jefferson. Plus, he is very good looking but where did he go? Is he stuck in Wonderland by himself? Emma better save him. There was not enough Mr. Gold in this episode...and too much Regina! I really hope we meet the Queen of Hearts soon. I really think it's about time that Once Upon a Time invests in an artist that can illustrate the book! Oh, and did you notice the green Oz door, in the magical hat door place!?

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