06 March 2012

TV Tuesdays.

Who let the dogs out!

I'm kinda a TV fanatic--though I don't actually watch anything on an actual TV anymore. This week though there were plenty of dogs on TV. **Note** I'm behind on some of the shows I watch so they aren't always the most recent episodes!

Castle did a fairy tale Episode Once Upon a Crime. Not only did they have Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, they had a Big Bad Wolf as well. Was casting Taylor Kinney, a werewolf from the Vampire Diaries coincident? I hope not because It kinda made my night--You clever casting peeps. Didn't you love end end where Beckett holds Castles hand!?

But Uncle Mason wasn't the only werewolf to pop up on our screens this week Joe Manganiello, True Blood's hot wolf, was guest on White Collar's Neighborhood Watch.

Another guest star that needs to be mentioned is John Rhys-Davies on Psych's Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy Rusty Dagger! The whole show is a parody of...everything!...and the fact that they cast people that were in the shows that they're making a parody of is genius! Cary Elwes also is back as the art thief Pierre Despereaux.

Best Lines:
-"You take a trip with the intention of proposing and don't tell me, your oldest and blackest friend!"-Gus, Pysch
-"Relax, more people are killed by knife wielding strangers than from trapezing."-Phil Dunphy, Modern Family "Leap Day"
-"You're all monster-ating!"-Luke Dunphy, Modern Family "Leap Day"

-Shawn's Indiana Jones outfit, including hat and whip in Psych.
-Elizabeth's navy/black dress in White Collar.
-Cam's custom made ruby slippers--that he doesn't actually wear in Modern Family

Product Placement:
-Chevy on Hawaii 5-0. Every time they hop in a car you see that Chevy bow tie.
-Authentic New York Slice of pizza in Hawaii 5-0.
-Dakine surf, James Caan is wearing a green Da Kine sruf shirt at the end of the episode in Hawaii 5-0.

-Why does Mr. Gold hate nuns/fairies in Once Upon a Time?
-Is David being hated on as much as Mary Margaret? And how do people not see Regina spray painting Tramp on MM's car all the time?
-Why did Jack keep the bloody sweatshirt on Revenge? Seriously has he never watched a CSI, NCIS, Law and Order or ANY TV AT ALL?! That sweatshirt should have been burned that night!
-Nolan and Takeda? Seems he might be sneakier than I first thought.
-The Hitler reveal on Grimm--What the?

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