20 March 2012

TV Tuesdays.

Whenever I watch any kind of cop show I always wonder what detectives really wear.  Do they wear the arm gun holsters? Do they carry their hand cuffs in the back of their pants like Jason Isaacs on Awake? Speaking of Awake, did anyone else notice the old partner was the dad from Boy Meets World!? If you haven't seen this show yet PLEASE go watch it! It's Jason Isaacs, who is not only VERY handsome--I mean future husband handsome--he's Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter! Seriously, stop reading this, click on over to Hulu and watch it, I need this show on the air next season...I mean seriously, look at him!

Best Lines:
-"I don't care if they sit me next to Nazi Stormtrooper." "Wait, Darth Vader was a Nazi?--Max and Alex "Party of Six" on Happy Endings.
-"Where does Gollum eat?" Max on Happy Endings.
-"He wasn't a poet he was a bard!"--Alex on Happy Endings.

-Dave's tree outfit on Happy Endings. Um...yeah it wasn't a tree outfit, it was a Shaggy outfit!!

Product Placement:
-Nissan Altima on Happy Endings.
-NBC in "Shawn and the Real Girl" on Psych. Not the positive kind of product placement!
-Mini Vans in "The Anti Social Network" on In Plain Sight.

-The Warden is totally in charge of the all the experiments on Alcatraz! Does this mean he knows exactly what happened? Where the heck is he? I hope we find out more about what is happening in the next three episodes, but not everything because I am really hoping it gets picked up for another season! Make sure you watch this show so that I can still enjoy all its mysteries in September!
-El Agave on Happy Endings! Everyone talking about eating tacos really made me crave pupusas!
-Holy Crap Alaric Saltzman, you've had some incredibly crappy luck on the Vampire Diaries! And now you're going freaking crazy! On a happier note, I was very glad to hear Elena admit to nice guy Matt that her feelings for Damon are not only real but that they surprised even her! Yes, I ship them--let Stefan and Caroline get together, but I really like me some Delena!
-Damon Salvatore plays the piano!

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