18 April 2012


For PB's fourth birthday he wanted a football party so that's what we gave him!

 I spent days painting, cutting and figuring out how to hang these football things but the day of the party the wind decided it wanted to really blow. It huffed and puffed and ripped them apart!

I made these for the birthday boy and PH. PB loved his PH...not so much, but they are so cute! 

We had a little concession  stand inside.

Thank You bags. 

Cupcakes. I tried making the caramel frosting a darker brown, which happened but I couldn't get it the color I wanted. 

We found the printables online and they were perfect for the party because PB's favorite color is green! 

Mel made the chalkboard that we used for the background. 

Despite my field goal post falling to pieces, we found this random tarp which I though worked well with the football theme.
The birthday boy taking a knee in his football pads. 

I pulled out mother's old choir risers for the stands. 

Here's L wearing PH's footbal pads.

And we couldn't forget the Paper thing they rip apart.

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