03 April 2012

TV Tuesday.

Best Lines:
  • "The Batcave behind the Batcave."-Doc in "" on Alcatraz.
  • "Try not to shoot anyone if you can help it" "I don't know what you're talking about"-Lucy and Hauser on Alcatraz.
  • "Love is not a switch."-Martha in "47 Secons" on Castle.
  • "You could get me drunk professionally" Drunk college girl in "Fancyman Pt. 2 on New Girl.
  • "Manbulance" Schmidt on New Girl.
  • "I figure if I gotta be a lesbian might as well go straight to the top."-Alex in "" on Happy Endings.
  • "It's like looking at the universe naked"-Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.
  • "I'm not criticizing you. I'm helping you."-Regina's mother in "Stable Boy" on Once Upon a Time.
  • "Love. True love, is magic. And not just any magic. The most powerful magic of all. It creates true happiness."-Regina Mills on Once Upon a Time.
  • "Come after sun down under the cloak of darkness."-Gigi in "Forbidden Fruit" on GCB.
  • "When is everything going to get back to normal?"-poor Roger in"Tea Leaves" on Mad Men. I really feel for the guy and Pete's a totally...craphead jerk!
  • "You love your children. It's your one redeeming quality. That and your cheekbones."-Tyrion in "The North Remembers" on Game of Thrones
Best Outfits:
  • I have total hair envy of Beckett on Castle.
  • Martha's green jacket with pink gloves on Castle.
Product Placement:
  • Ford on Alcatraz. Not just Ford but Ford Mustangs! But did anyone else see the recurring green bug during the car chase?
  • GPS tracker apps on Alcatraz.
  • Pace Salsa on Happy Endings.
  • Did anyone else want to go out and but a Spock action figure after seeing Sheldon have a conversation with his on the Big Bang Theory?...I did!
  • Unbreakable by Chloe and Lamar...it's unisex on the Big Bang Theory.
  • Emily Thorn on Happy Endings. For those who don't know this is the main character on Revenge.
  • Ford in "Judgement Day" on White Collar.
  • Bugles on Med Men.
  • Rebecca Madson on Alcatraz reminds me of Mecham, just taller and less fun! Seriously, it could be her sister--I think it's the hair...and her nose. A winking warden is super creepy! 
  • Castle's new Chief still bothers me.
  • Emergency pancakes reserved for breakups and Dancing with the Stars Elimination on Castle! Proof that happy faces can make even pancakes edible!
  • Dermot Mulroney on New Girl! He's so good looking!
  • Just so you know Gibbs's rule #22 is Never Ever Bother Gibbs In Interrogation!
  • A fat Betty Draper? That was the biggest surprise of the season.  I really like the Peggy/Roger scenes, and the last scene where Roger pointed out that Pete was the last person he hired was a little was a little unsettling--I really don't like Pete, and I think it all stemmed from hating him on Angel. The Rolling Stones did do a cereal commercial.
  • I admit I watch Game of Thrones--but I cannot recommend it to anyone because there is a lot of nudity and stuff. But I've read the book and I am quite clearly addicted! Tyrion is still my favorite character along with Arya who really needed more screen time.
  • I'm pretty sure that Juliette on Grimm is hiding something. I don't think it's possible to shoot that well if you've never shot a gun before. And what is up with Sgt. Wu eating the stuff inside his couch? IS he a Wessen
  • Ruby finding Katheryn on Once Upon a Time was very clever because she's a tracker! I also loved the young Snow--perfectly cast as a young Ginnifer Goodwin.


Mal Mecham said...

Apparently I need to start watching Alcatraz... ;) What is more than apparent is that you need to come to Utah. Just sayin.Also? I completely agree with you about everything having to do with OUAT.

Emilee said...

I love Beckett's hair too. It is the best hair she has had the entire show. I think Castle is being dumb dating other people without talking to her first about his issue and she is dumb for keeping her little secret. They both drive me insane but we continue to watch. Some freakin' day they better hook up!

Malinda said...

Mecham you should watch Alcatraz! Rebecca is like a bad ass version of you..and she carries a gun! OUAT is driving me crazy! And Em and both Castle and Beckett and being ridiculous!!