10 April 2012

TV Tuesday.

Best Lines:
  • "We're a family."-Brennan in "The Prisoner in the Pipe" on Bones.
  • "My shoes are filled with blood."-Jess in "Secrets"on New Girl.
  • "I'm turning these pigs in a blanket into piglets in a blinky."-Jane in "Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)" on Happy Endings.
  • "be like Don Draper pact"-Dan in "Con Heir" on Gossip Girl.
  • "This is worse than the Empire Strikes Back."-Cricket in "Turn the Other Cheek" on GCB.
  • "Don't be a chicken, cross the road."-Gigi on GCB.
  • "She's trying to Darth Vader you."-Walter in "Life After Death" on The Finder.
  • "Oh snap! You just got Skywalkered lady!"-Walter on The Finder.
  • "Can you grow that? Can you bigify that?"-Patrick in "" on The Mentalist.
Best Outfit:
  • Angela's splattery dress on Bones.
  • The Happy Endings cast totally rocked those tuxes on Happy Endings--well not Jane, but the rest of them!
  • B's tights on Gossip Girl. The ones she's wearing when her and Dan are in the elevator.
  • S's tights on Gossip Girl too! The ones she wore to the party.
  • Oh my heart I loved all the different hunting outfits the girls on GCB wore this week!
  • Hoop skirt Gone with the Wind dresses on GCB--LOVED it!
Product Placement:
  • There's no room at the Inn on Bones! Loved the whole bible parallel. It really doesn't matter what happens I just love the fact that Bones and Booth are together--it just makes me so happy!
  • The quote from the new guys portfolio, in "Tea Leaves" on Mad Men,  "Judge not lest ye be judged" is found in Matthew--interesting since he's Jewish. Yeah and that was Henry Francis calling Mitt Romney's dad a clown.
  • It was about time Joan left that handsome jerk husband of hers in "Mystery Date" on Mad Men. Don killing that chick in his fever dream was a little weird for me. I love the Roger/Peggy scenes, I really 
  • Mandonna on Happy Endings! HA! And did you Jane pulling an Angelina with her leg! 
  • Sean Bean is freaking ALIVE on Missing! I totally called that!! He's just so good looking! I really hope that he isn't the big bad but...nope, I'm just going to cling to the slim hope that he's good and that's why his family is still alive!
  • What the heck is happening to Sgt. Wu on Grimm? Last week it was couch cushion this week its paperclips!
  • The DJ's blue lightsaber on the Finder, I have it!!

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