17 April 2012

TV Tuesday.

I'm so glad someone finally punched Campbell on Mad Men! I never thought it was going to be Lane, but still that was awesome! I love the fact that Ken is now writing Science Fiction. 1960s science fiction--classic! Another serial killer was mentioned tonight, Charles Whitman. We're really beginning to feel that overwhelming dread and fear that plagued everyone in the 60s. Speaking of Science Fiction, Awake reminds me of a story I read, They by Robert Heinlein. It's about a man in an insane asylum that is convinced that the world he lives in isn't real and every night he almost figures everything out, but then they wake him up. 

Best Lines:
  • "There's only one thing left to do at a time like this. Watch the entire Star Wars trilogy all the way through."-Ted in "Trilogy Time" on How I Met Your Mother.
  • "If you're not trilling it at least once every three years the Dark Side wins."-Marshall on How I Met Your Mother.
  • "There is power in prayer."-Mike in "Wherefore art thou, Mike Baxter" on Last Man Standing.
  • "We do not negotiate with terrorists, especially ones from Florida."-Lily on "It Girl Interrupted" on Gossip Girl.
  • "The only good news is that my annoying neighbor Becky is moving back east to Oregon."-Haley in "Election Day" on Modern Family.
  • "The whole family's high! There's your headline."-Phil on Modern Family.
  • "My daughter might go to college!"-Phil on Modern Family.
  • "Han Solo didn't look this great coming out of carbonite."-Michael Britten in "Ricky's Tacos" on Awake.
  • "If you want to get with me, you got to get with my friends. And that is a Spice Girls song."-Jess in "Normal" on New Girl.
  • "The floor is lava!"- Schmidt on New Girl.
  • "I'm a modern day Cinderfella."-Ray in "Drag Me To Hell" on In Plain Sight.
  • "That outfit you got on looks like Tinkerbell threw up on it."-Gigi in "Pride Comes Before the Fall" on GCB.
  • "The Sharon curl is my trademark took, like Farrah Fawcett's bangs, Kate Middleton's wave, and Donald Trump's forelock."-Sharon on GCB.
  • "Cooper speaks British."-Don Draper in "Signal 30" on Mad Men.
Best Outfits:
  • B in her pink Oscar de la Renta gown on Gossip Girl.
Product Placement:
  • Oh Chuck paid Blair's dowry on Gossip Girl! B is with the wrong guy and if she stays with Lonely Boy much longer I'm going to seriously threaten to stop watching this show! 
  • I don't think there is another show that has cuter babies than Bones! Michael and Christine are adorable!
  • Curtis and Harmon on NCIS are amazing!
  • I think I need to make a Trilogy pact with someone! Who wants to Trill it up with me every three years?!
  • Good freaking H! They can't get rid of Henry on Psych. I will be very upset if he dies, I don't think they'd get rid of him...unless he wanted to go. Still you can't get rid of Henry!!
  • The best part of Missing is Sean Bean! He doesn't have enough screen time. I think that next season we should follow the same story but from his perspective. Can you imagine how much better this show would be if he was on screen all the time! Do you think he's bad? Bean makes an awesome bad guy, but I don't think he's that bad.
  • The neighborhood where Detective Britten chased el diablo on Awake could have been filmed in my mission, California San Fernando.
  • I kind of really want to play True American from New Girl but without all the beer...which probably makes the game less fun.
  • Ripp and that old school boom box thing during the This Little Light of Mine number was hilarious. 
  • The Baptism scene on Game of Thrones was beautiful. I hate Theon and am not a fan of the Iron Islands but the scene was beautiful.


Mal Mecham said...

This is my official request to make a trilogy pact with you.

Malinda said...

DONE! We are officially going to tril it up!