14 May 2012

A Land Without Magic.

Holy Once Upon a freaking Time! I have to say that I was pretty happy with the season finale, I would have been happier if it had been two hours--or if they had answered more questions in previous episodes instead of throwing them all at us in this one--because it all felt a little rushed. We've spent an entire season waiting for Emma to believe in Magic/the book and she has disappointed us again and again, but then in the first minutes of the episode she believes, has flashbacks from when she was a baby and gets a confession from Regina! The episode was very plot heavy but I would have liked more time to see how the characters really reacted to everything that was happening.

I've decided that I want to move to Storybrooke and work for Mr. Gold. I love how he has ALL the magical trinkets--EVERYTHING--and swords in his shop. I wonder if they were all their when he woke up in Reality or if he went around picking all these things up as soon as he arrived?! August turned completely to wood, but now that the curse has been broken and magic has returned, I wonder if he'll be back next season. It was fun to see the Huntsman again--oh how I have missed seeing his ruggedly handsome face! Despite Regina being in the middle of a crisis I cannot believe that she so blatantly challenged Jefferson! He's the Mad Hatter deary--I think I'm going to start calling people Deary!--the word Mad is in his name! I loved how he broke into the secret psych ward--because he's the mad one--and released Belle. Next season will probably be Team Gold and Team Evil Regina!--I'm Team Gold because he's a bad ass with heart he just doesn't really know how to use.

From what I can understand--tonight, tomorrow I will probably have a different theory--is that when Charming gave Snow true love's kiss he somehow gave the curse power. The last line of the story that Mary Margaret read to Henry was "Waking up Snow White and bringing life to the Darkness." The product of the Charmings love was Emma and her true love--Henry--broke the curse. I felt it was very appropriate that Emma broke the curse when she truly accepted her love for Henry as his mother, on MOTHER'S DAY! True love is powerful and the love that one has for their family is truly limitless. But then again I believe that "The family is central to the Creator's plan" so that came as no surprise to me.

Speaking of true love, didn't you love seeing Mr. Gold see Belle again! His freaking face killed me! Then he promises to protect her at the same time admitting that...No, she doesn't know him! Then his promise that she will know him was classic Mr. Gold! Then when she finally remembers who he is and he admits he loves her! Oh my goodness Robert Carlyle has become my new favorite actor!  But the tear came when David finds Mary Margaret and yells "SNOW!" Oh my heart gave up and I cried a little. Of course they found each other again! Happy Endings to happen in Reality--though they might be short lived and actually be a happy beginning with only a hope of ever after.

But the kicker was the end when Gold drops the potion into the wishing well. I thought for sure the thing that was lost that he was going to bring back was Bae! But no, Mr. Gold was true to himself and brought back the magic! He didn't learn the lesson his son wanted him to learn in Reality--that he could live without magic--he's grown accustomed to the power his magic brought him and he wants it back--maybe more than he wants Bae. But he needs Bae because he brings out the human side of him!

Things we learned: 
  • The forest where the Queen Regina sent Hansel/Gretel and father is the Infinite Forest and you cannot get out of it without magic. Which sadly means that Hansel and Gretel are probably still looking for their father. 
  • We saw Snow White's coffin again.
  • Despite the fact that we have been told repeatedly that there is no magic in Storybrooke, there can be a dragon. That's right a freaking Dragon! How can a dragon who is by ALL accounts a very magical creature be living under Strorybrooke? It reminds me of the King Arthur story where they find the dragon (worm) under the ground or something, it reminds me of the story but not enough to remember the details. 
  • We found out that Sydney Glass is rotting away down in the psych ward. 
  • Rumpelstiltskin used a drop of the love potion created from the Charmings on the curse.
  • Rumpelstiltskin is Clinton (What Not to Wear) of Fairy Tale land! I loved how he made sure Charming was dressed appropriately before delivering TLK to Snow.
  • The entrance to the Dragon's lair was through the town library!
Hopes for Next Season: 
  • The show decides to invest in an illustrator who can make the pictures in the book resemble the characters but look awesome as well.
  • Now that magic is back in town we might get more stories like unto Angel and BTVS, which would be cool.
  • Could imagine the awesomeness that Brian Fuller would bring to this show? I know this will probably NEVER happen but I believe that this show would jump to an even higher degree of awesomeness if he was involved. Seriously think about it--LOST meets Pushing Daisies!!!!
  • Do we ever learn why Mr. Gold has a cane?
  • Who is Doctor Whale?
  • Please build a castle set so that we don't have to see anymore green screen castle shots!
  • We're going to meet Ariel!
  • We'll learn what exactly what Mr. Gold knew about Henry when he found him for Regina.
  • Who was the weird person mopping the floor in the psych ward?
What did you think of the finale?

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