08 May 2012

TV Tuesday.

Regina cannot kill Emma on Once Upon a Time!! If Emma dies the curse is broken. It was nice to see Jefferson again, it's nice to know that he isn't stuck making hats in Wonderland or worse. He only suffering in his own personal hell in reality away from his daughter. I can't believe that they might actually be killing Henry off...but then again it's the guys from LOST and killing beloved characters is something they don't have a problem with. I really liked the White Rabbit card that Regina used to contact Jefferson. Snow going all Xena on us was...a little much. and the fairy's...the more I see them the more I wonder why they all look like strippers in Candy land. The only magic left in reality are things that were magical before everyone came; I wonder if there's anything in Mr. Gold's shop that is magical still? From the preview of the season finale it looks like magic might be making a come back. That ought to change things up quite a bit. But as Rumple loves to remind us, All magic comes with a price--and unfortunately it seems Henry is the price.

Best Lines:
  • "His voice does have that authentic ring of pants-wetting terror."-Castle in "Undead Again" on Castle.
  • "The more intelligent the victim the more delicious the brain."-Castle on Castle.
  • "What is the appeal of being a zombie? Look at this guy. Who would want to be alive in a decayed, mindless state? Being a vampire--that I understand. That's the romantic route to immortality. The, uh, gentleman's monster as it were."-Castle on Castle.
  • "I believe our facinaction with zombies is a cultural phenominon. A commentary on the inner numbness of modern life."-Professor Zombie guy on Castle.
  • "Is there a police code for zombie on the loose?"-Castle on Castle.
  • "High school is so different. Kids making out in the hall, tattoos, and if there were any girls without big boobs they were hiding."-Eve on Last Man Standing.
  • "The over the top laughing, the hair flip, the pelvic tilt. You were throwing out more flirtation signals than a divorcee on a singles cruise."-Deeks in "Touch of Death" on NCIS: LA.
  • "I'm not cheeky, I'm charming."-Deeks on NCIS: LA.
  • "McChopper"-DiNozzo in "Playing with Fire" on NCIS.
  • "Absolution is a washing away of sin. A promise of rebirth. And the chance to escape the transgressions of those who came before us. The best among us will learn from the mistakes of the past. While the rest seem doomed to repeat them. And then there are those who operate on the fringes of society. Unburdened by the confines of morality and conscience. A ruthless breed of monsters whose deadliest weapon is the ability to hide in plain sight. If the people I've come to bring  justice to cannot be bound by the quest for absultion, then neither will I."-Emily Thorne in "Absolution" on Revenge.
  • "They'd be high fives of condolence."-Barney in "Good Crazy" on How I Met Your Mother.
  • "I look like the Flash, about to get married."-Sheldon in "The Launch Acceleration" on The Big Bang Theory.
  • "Oh look I'm a model. I'm so skinny I can barely stand. Look I wear my ribs on the outside."-Mary in "Alls Well That Ends" on In Plain Sight.
  • "Sorry I made you feel like Monica Lewinsky."-Paul in "Backslide" on New Girl.
  • "You're a hero, you can't run."-Henry in "An Apple Red as Blood" on Once Upon a Time.
  • "Red, you got someone on your chin."-Grumpy on Once Upon a Time.
  • "You may not believe in the curse...or in me. But I believe in you."-Henry on Once Upon a Time.
  • "What is the plural of Judas."-Carlene in "Revelation" on GCB.
  • "This is not the dress I want to be found dead in."-Gigi on GCB.
Best Outfit:
  • I really love Martha on Castle and her robe this week is just more proof of why my love is not misplaced.
  • Ryan's three piece suits on Castle.
  • Marshall's Mad at Lily shirt on How I Met Your Mother.
  • Jess's Black and white dress on New Girl.
  • Asian Jess's (Jen) blue and yellow dress on New Girl.
Product Placement:
  • Best Buy on Gossip Girl.
  • Chevy on Hawaii 5-0.
  • Laser tag on Castle. Seriously, can you imagine ending Family Home Evening with a round of laser tag!  I might have really enjoyed FHE in high school if we could have ended it by shooting each other!
  • Disneyland on NCIS: LA.
  • Lexus on Revenge.
  • X-Files on Awake.
  • Finding Nemo, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Super Mario's, Strawberry Quick and Nebraska University on Modern Family.
  • I love Dorota on Gossip Girl, she's the best spy! It was nice to see the gang back scheming again, it's been a while since I enjoyed an episode as much as this weeks. Blair's shock was better than the reveal of--Bart Bass, Megs actually called it. Does this mean that Lily's still married to him?
  • How many random notebooks does Lavon have at his house on Hart of Dixie?
  • Naming cars came up on Hawaii 5-0 and I totally agree! You really should name your car, it let's him know that you care.
  • Zombie murders on Castle! Oh how I love the writers! I really want to start using circa in my everyday vocabulary. The girlfriend was Esther from One Night with the King and Lydia in the first Work of the Glory movie, and yes it bothered me until Megs pointed out who she was.
  • Um...my cousin Luke's doppelganger in on NCIS: LA.
  • Lancaster, PA was on Revenge! I have a beautiful cousin who lives in Lancaster, PA!
  • I knew Bean wasn't the big bad on Missing!!! Which means they're probably going to kill him because we now know he's innocent. The Godfather dude is the Big Bad--totally called that! This show seems a little like Prison Break, how long can the kid be missing? How many times can he escape? Honestly, as long as Bean sticks around, I don't really care!
  • I really like Detective Britten trying to figure out how to turn on the video game on Awake. Then there was the elevator music that was on during the beginning of the interview with Pearl.
  • I really liked the way In Plain Sight ended. Mary and Marshall are best friends and I love that the show didn't change try to change that last minute. It was a little bit strange that Brandi was prego, but I like the fact that Mary's crapped up family life has finally become less crapped up.
  • Does anyone else thing that Amanda and the pastor would be a good couple on GCB? That kiss at the end, it just works for me.
  • I think we saw the beginning of the end of Megan and Don on Mad Men.

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