23 June 2012

Summer Movie Review: Hugo.

Every Monday N, L and I all head down to the QCPAC for a movie. It's just like the Summer Movie thing that Harkins does but it's in QC so you don't have to drive all the way into town. It's well worth the $5 tickets I bought a couple weeks ago, and it takes up most of the morning--Woo Hoo! Last week we watched Hugo, a movie I never had much interest in seeing but I'm glad I did. I thought it was a beautiful film, one I will probably buy--if it's on sale! The girls enjoyed it but it was a little long and not super exciting--there was a lot of fidgeting going on.

One of the most entertaining thing to come out of the Harry Potter films was the game "Who was in Harry Potter" this is a game I also play this game with Star Wars and LOTR characters as well. But for those of you who play this game you will enjoy seeing Uncle Vernon (Richard Griffiths) woo Madam Maxime (Frances de la Tour)! Saruman/Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) is also in the movie and despite his wickedly cool voice he's not the bad guy! Asa Butterfield, who possesses eyes that fondly remind me of Elijah Wood, does a beautiful job as the lost little Hugo--which will only serve to get you excited for Ender's Game.

Over all I would highly recommend this movie. It's absolutely beautiful and your eyes will thank you--but the kids will more than likely get very bored. Also, the soundtrack is quite lovely too.

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Chris Okelberry said...

I finally watched this recently as well...it's good fun, though I do agree with you that it's a little slow for younger viewers.