28 June 2012

Summer Movie Review: Labyrinth.

We watched Labyrinth the other day on Netflix and the girls and the boys loved it. It was the perfect movie for the girls who love to be scared out of the minds--seriously they've seen movies I would never watch--but they spend their days watching Good Luck Charlie.

As far as the Harry Potter game goes Timothy Bateson who is the worm/four guards is Kreacher. For those few who haven't seen this flick before it's all about a girl (Jennifer Connolly) who doesn't want to babysit her brother so she wishes for the goblins to come take him away. Unfortunately she says the magic words and they do really come take him away. Sarah now has 13 hours to get through the labyrinth if she wants to save her brother from the Goblin King (David Bowie)! 

The girls loved it from beginning to end. The boys loved it, but the beginning part--where the goblins come and take Toby--scared PH but he loved the rest of it. Over all Labyrinth is an awesome movie and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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Chris Okelberry said...

This is one of my (many) favorite movies from my childhood. Such fun.