20 June 2012

TV Tuesday.

Recently Mecham told me that I really needed to watch Fairly Legal. Since I know her to be of sound mind and possession of really good taste I watched it--and loved it. The first season was good, but the second season was really good. I enjoyed the second mainly because I really like Ben Grogan. Don't get me wrong, Justin is gorgeous, but he had his chance with Kate and they just didn't work. Kate and Ben just work--for me at least--and she kept his stupid heart shaped rock! I will say that when the finale was ending I just kept thinking--this is the apartment that Ben's guy found? Where the heck is Ben?--I love the fact that Kate's dream apartment is next to Ben's. It just proves that they are meant to be together!

Best Lines:
  • "Because despite the fact that you've been a terrific pain in the ass for the last five years, I may have...might have, um, grown to admire you, a little. I think."-Jack O'Neill in "Meridian" on Stargate SG1.
  • "Rockets, the bus of the future."-Leonardo in "Believers" on Fairly Legal.
  • "I skread it."-Kate in "Ultravinyl" on Fairly Legal.
  • "Do you want me to let him know that you're too sarcastic to see him right now?"-Kate in "Start Me Up" on Fairly Legal.
  • "My heart won't explode. It's going to grow three sizes with all the money I'm going to stuff inside it."-Ben Grogan in "What They Seem" on Fairly Legal.
  • "You know what? You and I may have different methods, but we both know how to get what we want. And you can call that being passionate...or you can call that being a dog and a jackass. But you can't call it empty. I'm not empty."-Ben Grogan on Fairly Legal.
  • "Now I feel like a dessert-stitute"-Leonardo in "Teenage Wasteland" on Fairly Legal.
  • "You ended that sentence with a preposition! Bastard!"-Jack O'Neill in "The Other Guys" on Stargate SG1.
  • "We can only hope that this will be the last footwear to fall."-Thor in "Unnatural Selection" on Stargate SG1.
  • "That brilliant thing came out of her brain full blown like Pegasus from the head of Medusa."-Leonardo in "Ripple of Hope" on Fairly Legal.
  • "I kissed somebody I work with and he is an idiot but not like the stupid kind, just like...oh, I don't know, he's just like the idiot kind."-Kate in "Kiss Me Kate" on Fairly Legal.
  • "I guess if you're going to hide out somewhere all you need is a nice lawn and a convenient Costco."-Kate in "Shattered" on Fairly Legal.
  • "She is a hand grenade in a Holly Hobbie dress."-Ben Grogan on Fairly Legal.
  • "Love is never easy. You don't have to be seventeen you just have to be brave."-Ben Grogan in "Borderline" on Fairly Legal.
  • "I was being nice. Don't treat me like a fool."-Ben Grogan in "Force Majeure" on Fairly Legal.
  • "They're going to treat her like she blew up an orphanage field trip to an animal shelter."-Ben Grogan on Fairly Legal.
  • "Low expectations are the key to happiness."- Ben Grogan in "Finale" on Fairly Legal. (Someone said this at our stake conference a couple weeks ago.)
Best Outfits:
  • OK on the Fairly Legal pilot Kate wore this owl necklace--I hated it. I don't have anything against owls, but nope, it did not go with her outfit.
  • Kate's trenches on Fairly Legal.
  • Harvey always looks impeccable in his suits on Suits.
Product Placement:
  • Louboutin's in "Pilot" on Fairly Legal.
  • The Wizard of Oz ringtones on Fairly Legal.--Loved them! My girls and I are going to read The Wizard of Oz in July and it made me a little bit more excited.
  • Ipad in "Benched" on Fairly Legal.
  • Facebook in "Shine a Light" on Fairly Legal.
  • Simpsons in "Frozen" on Stargate SG1.
  • Star Trek in "The Other Guys" and "Unnatural Selection" on Stargate SG1.
  • Ben and Jerry's in "Unnatural Selection" on Stargate SG1.
  • Alf in "Sight Unseen" on Stargate SG1.
  • The Wizard of Oz in "Metamorphosis" on Stargate SG1.
  • Stargate SG1 is one of my new favorite shows! I seriously love Col. Jack O'Neill he's like Gibbs and DiNozzo combined. If you like NCIS and Star Trek then you'd love SG1. Mecham recommended Fairly legal to me and much to my surprise both Jack and Dr. Janet Fraiser guest star on it!
  • I really like Kate's Union Jack mug on Fairly Legal.
  • Portia de Rossi has been cast as Lily Munster in Mockingbird Lane.
  • Suits is back! I loved Donna's little Sherlockian moment of deducting what was wrong with Harvey. I'm looking forward to seeing Team Jessica, Harvey and Mike battle it out against the new guy.

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