20 August 2012

Summer Movie Review: Disturbia.

This might have been the girls favorite movie this summer! I still don't understand why these little girls who love to play Barbies like to watch movies that scare the crap out of them--but it does allow us to watch enjoyable movies.

Is it just me or is it still hard to believe that Shia LeBeouf went from Even Stevens to this. Anyways for those who haven't seen Disturbia then you need to check it out. It's pretty much Rear Window but instead of James Stewart in a wheel chair you have LeBeouf in an ankle bracelet.

The girls loved it, I love it and my mother who swears this was the first time she has seen this movie loved it. I definitely recommend this movie and then you should watch Rear Window because it is the original made by the master Alfred Hitchcock himself.

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