17 August 2012

Summer Movie Review: John Carter.

The first time I heard the name John Carter was on the amazing Laini Taylor's blog. I love her writing so the mere fact that talked so highly of this John Carter I knew I had to read it before I saw the movie. I did that and loved it. Then I watched the movie with the girls this summer. L wasn't into it at all but N kind of liked it. PB and PH liked it a lot more, and me--well I loved it. 
The casting was brilliant, and the highlight for me was the fact that James Purefoy and Cirian Hinds--(and  Polly Walker who were all in ROME!)--were in the movie--see photo evidence below!

I found John Carter to be a very entertaining movie. It's a fun story and it's full of beautiful men and women fighting on Mars. I was a little confused because I had only read the first book at the time and they mix the events around a little but an enjoyable movie none the less! I totally recommend it!

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