11 August 2012

Summer Movie Review: Jungle 2 Jungle.

Do you remember this movie? I was so in love with Mimi-Siku. We went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa Blau's house and I saw this movie and just knew the girls would love it. And they did! L couldn't believe that he had a pet tarantula--which made me very glad that her parents would NEVER let her have one!

As far as Harry Potter goes, there isn't anyone that I noticed but you do get to watch Tim Allen and Martin Short. But the other day I was watching Being Human (US version) and I could not place where I knew the werewolf dude. So after watching the whole first season I looked it up and it's no other than Mini-Siku (Sam Huntington)!! This cute little boy grew up to be a good looking man!

Jungle 2 Jungle still a good summer classic. The girls and the boys loved it and I liked rewatching it and remembering all the crushing I had done!

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