14 September 2012


Oh my goodness! It's that time of year again Yep, that's right my birthday is only days away!! You're excited I know, so am I! With the hopes of presents and delectable food I have begun planning my birthday party!!

I sat down yesterday and made some invitations. They're pretty simple because I spent the morning filling out applications which makes me grumpy and tired...nappy. Is nappy a word? As in I need a nap, I'm feeling nappy? Well filling out applications definitely makes nappy. I needed a distraction and invitation making was it. Now, I just need to figure out what we're doing!

Who wants to come!?!


preston + melanie dees said...

we are excited!!! definitely coming!!

Okie said...

What a fun and cute invitation. Love it.

We just made pirate invitations (aged maps in bottles) and city-wide treasure hunt clues for my son's birthday this weekend.

Must be a good week to part.

Have a super fun party. Looking forward to hearing about it. :)