02 October 2012

TV Tuesday.

With the return of everything I'm reminded how much I am emotionally connected to all my fictional characters.

OUAT is back!!! Oh my goodness I'm so glad it's back and I LOVED IT!! I cannot wait to find out who the guy in the opening is--Bael? Emma's baby daddy? Maybe both or neither, but I'm holding out because I love the idea that Henry's grandparents are Snow/Charming and Rumpel. Did you notice the Cleaners & Hatter's sign in his apartment? And who's sending postcards by pigeon? It is so very LOST to find out that our FT flashbacks are actually not flashbacks. I'm interested to see if there will be any flash backs this season or just the two worlds. And what about August? Is he alive...or wooden...or both? Where is Jefferson? Rumpel is still by far the best character on the show and oh how I love him being so gray. How do people not know who Dr. Whale is? Has Charming never met him? I cannot wait to see what Regina does to try to get back at Rumpel and how he puts her back in her place. Prince Philip was lovely and it is to bad that he was marked and not Aurora because she bothered me the whole episode. I also want to know what else Gold has in his shop! Mr. Gold's interaction with the Charming's is really funny, I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Fairy Tale personalities come through to reality. I wonder if Emma will end up having a real magical power in Fairy Tale Land. And what will people say when they realize Belle is Mr. Gold's girlfriends?! Most importantly what saved the FT characters that are still in FTL and is there a reason they were left there? Lastly did you notice that Snow is clinging to Emma's jacket even though they're unconscious.

Best Lines:
  • "There's got to be an explanation for this like he's the Lord of Winterfell."-Schmidt in "Re-Launch" on New Girl.
  • "I've always fancied myself a sonneteer, but I'm thinking the free verse girls will be freer with everything, if you catch my meaning."-Manny in "Bringing Up Baby" on Modern Family.
  • "I self potty trained."-Manny on Modern Family.
  • "Let's not let a botched kidnapping ruin the afternoon."-Shorty on Modern Family.
  • "You're gonna get fat!"-Claire on Modern Family.
  • "I think you're underestimating how adorable I am."-Manny on Modern Family.
  • "A state of tasteful undress."-Peter in "Compromising Positions" on White Collar.
  • "No one with two alarm clocks loves their job."-Sherlock Holmes in "Pilot" on Elementary.
  • "Zeusowitz."-Raj in "The Date Night Variable" on The Big Bang Theory.
  • "A person's true destiny can only be revealed at the end of his journey, and the story I have to tell is far from over."-Emily in "Destiny" on Revenge.
  • "Do you think she's somewhere looking up at us?"-Nolan on Revenge.
  • "You are a dreadful liar."-Mr. Gold in "Broken" on Once Upon A Time.
  • "Maybe I don't need answers, maybe I just need to punch you in the face."-Emma on Once Upon A Time.
  • "You still owe me a favor."-Mr. Gold on Once Upon A Time.
  • "There are many, many things in this shop, but this, this is the only thing I truly Cherish."-Mr. Gold on Once Upon A Time.
Best Outfits:
  • Alex's owl sweater on Modern Family.
  • Shepard's outfit when she tries to blackmail Neal on White Collar.
  • Sara and Elizabeth's outfits when they're sitting on the couch together on White Collar.
  • Sheldon's Batman shirt on the Big Bang Theory.
  • Nolan's striped polo with a red popped collar, white jacket and pocket square on Revenge.
  • Emily looked amazing in that red dress on the boat and she brought along the perfect accessory, Nolan on Revenge.
Product Placement:
  • Chevy on Hawaii 5-0.
  • Bugs Bunny on Revolution.
  • Google on Revolution.
  • Star Wars (RotJ) Lunch boxes on Revolution.
  • AC/DC on Revolution.
  • Charmin on Revolution.
  • Chicago Cubs on Revolution and Chicago in general.
  • Harry Potter books on Revolution, did you spy it next to the bed.
  • Dora the Explorer on Revolution.
  • Iphone on Revolution.
  • Game of Thrones on New Girl.
  • Skittles on Parenthood.
  • Pixar on Go On.
  • The Hunger Games on Go On.
  • Michael Vartan on Go On.
  • Branson on Modern Family.
  • Apple computers on White Collar.
  • Nautilus 3800 watch on Castle.
  • Did you notice Bones tweeked their theme?  I was very glad that they were able to wrap up the whole Palant thing and then was so not happy when it wasn't! I love Bones but I'm kind of tired of the whole Palant story line. I also thought it was very sweet that Bones acknowledged the death of Michael Clarke Duncan.
  • Lilly and Marshall's baby on HIMYM is adorable!
  • Revolution (Pilot), I liked it! It was fun to see Elizabeth Mitchell again, even if it was briefly--I'm not sure I'm sold on the whole being dead thing nut maybe it was just a cool guest star who'll only appear in flash backs? I totally called the boy being a bad guy, and was not even surprised that he saved her, it might be interesting to find out who he really is. I have faith in Abrams--so if I commit to getting invested in these characters I do hope that other watch it too because if it turns out like Alcatraz, i.e. I'm the only one watching I will be very sad! Next Did anyone else see the creepy giant bunny at the abandoned park/carnival place. As far as casting goes I'm loving Billy Burke, Zak Orth and Giancarlo Esposito! (Ep. #2) Totally called the mom still being alive!
  • NCIS!!!! First can I just say how glad I am that Fornell was in this episode! NCIS needs more of him. Ziva and Tony, oh how I've wondered what was going to happen in that elevator and it was so typical NCIS. I love Palmer but he's no Ducky!
  • Parenthood seems determined to make me cry in every episode! Am I the only one that is glad Hattie finally went to college!? She bugged me soooo much! I loved Amber in this last episode, she really is ready to step in whatever way her family needs her. Now as far as Lorelai  is concerned are you still liking Captain Morgan or are you falling for Ray Barone or what ever his name is on the show? I like Sarah with Mark but I'm really liking this new Hank guy!
  • Ok so there is a painting in Gloria and Jay's house on Modern Family that is behind Dylan when he's talking to Claire that I loved!
  • I really enjoyed Elementary. First, I love Johnny Lee Miller because he's Mr. Knightley and...pretty! It was also fun to see Aidan Quinn, who I will enjoy watching. I'm not sure I like Watson being a woman but as long as they NEVER make it sexual then I think I can live with it. I also must admit that I thought the episode was beautiful, the director Michael Cuesta did an amazing job--I also believe that he's seen Sherlock because the way in witch he directed the episode did call me back to the BBC version. Still I like the episode and I'm interested to see if they will introduce Moriarty or better yet Mycroft!
  • D kept telling me I needed to watch Grimm--turns out it was because there is a guy on it that he was sure played Joseph Smith in The Work and the Glory movie. Turns out it is the same guy, so kudos to D for even remembering that they made WatG into a movie. Honestly I wish I hadn't known this fact because I watched this episode where Jonathan Scarfe is a preacher whose actual congregation are sheep. And I'm probably reading way more into it then I'm suppose to but it really just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I know that I was over reacting and he's simply an actor but it just made me feel weird watching an actor who portrayed Joseph Smith now portraying a corrupt reverend. On a different note is was nice to see that Renard is feeling the effects of his lip lock with Juliette.
  • A shirtless boxing Nolan?! Revenge started off with a bang and a body! Did you see that big mouthed frog in Victoria's house.
  • The first five minutes of Castle's premiere might have been my favorite Castle moments ever...and I wish my bedhead looked as good as Beckett's.

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