23 October 2012

TV Tuesday.

Best Lines:
  • "Tights are not pants!"-Nelly Yuki in "High Infidelity" on Gossip Girl.
  • "Oh the Serenity."-Castle in "Murder, He Wrote" on Castle.
  • "The school library is a pick-up scene."-Luke in "The Butler's Escape" on Modern Family.
  • "He carries a gun and all I had was a corkscrew."-Mozzie in "Vested Interest" on White Collar.
  • "Even when there isn't trust there's always trust."-Peter on White Collar.
  • "You're welcome to try to run. I've recently started developing my core. Could use a bit of a work out."-Sherlock in "Child Predator" on Elementary.
  • "He left a boy. He returns a boy sized hero."-Sheldon in "The Re-Entry Minimization" on The Big Bang Theory.
  • "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets."-Killian Jones in "The Crocodile" on Once Upon A Time.
  • "Here we were not even speaking of the devil."-Nolan in "Intuition" on Revenge.
Best Outfit:
  • Serena's red pj's on Gossip Girl.
  • Blair's head band on Gossip Girl.
  • The decathalon girl's green sweater with the white bow and elbow patches on Grimm.
  • Captain Renard's aviators on Grimm.
Product Placement:
  • Joe Biden on Revolution.
  • James Patterson on Castle.
  • Serenity/Firefly on Castle.
  • Murder, She Wrote on Castle.
  • Brangelina on Castle.
  • Scooby Doo on Castle.
  • Harry Potter on Revolution.
  • Millionaire Matchmaker on Gossip Girl.
  • Mood on Gossip Girl.
  • The Music Man on Modern Family.
  • Rush Limbaugh on Modern Family.
  • Ratatouille on White Collar.
  • EE Cummings on Elementary.
  • Howie Mandel on The Big Bang Theory.
  • The Sound of Music on The Big Bang Theory.
  • NASA on The Big Bang Theory.
  • Blake Shelton on Hart of Dixie.
  • Halo on Hart of Dixie.
  • Loved the scene where Ryan finds out Castle and Beckett are dating!
  • I think they should just kill Charlie and let Danny, Miles and the Mom be the main characters on Revolution because I cannot stand her. I totally knew Nipples was Neville's son.
  • McGarrett's annoying mom is back in "Popilkia" on Hawaii 5-0.
  • Captain Hook can certainly pull off the guy-liner. Maurice's flower shop was called Game of Thorns. I loved how Ruby brought the dwarves a basket of food. Charming sure looked good working in the mines. I really enjoyed Rumple's force death grip. Belle as the town's librarian was perfect. OUAT is so much better when Rumple is on screen.
  • Criminal Minds was extremely good this week. I love the twisted take on the looking glass and Lewis Carroll.
  • Revenge was intense! It was so sad when Em sees her mom comforting fake Amanda and my heart broke a little when Aiden showed back up to comfort Ems at the end. And Nolan's story line this week just made me love him more--though I still don't trust Padma.

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