30 October 2012

TV Tuesday.

Mockingbird Lane was pure genius!! I loved how Herman just loved to hard and kept dying! I didn't realize how much I have missed Bryan Fuller's until I watched this pilot. It brought back memories of why I LOVED Pushing Daisies. I hope that NBC comes to its senses and decides to continue to produce this little gem, because Mockingbird Lane was a breath of fresh air that I truly hope sticks around.

Best Lines:
  • "I may be negotiating with terrorists but you're harboring a fugitive."-Chuck in "Dirty Rotten Scandals" on Gossip Girl.
  • "My back is up against a wall and not in a hot Chuck Bass kind of way."-Blair on Gossip Girl.
  • "Nobody likes a Debbie Downer or a Serena Sabotage."-Blair on Gossip Girl.
  • "Let me guess, gross movie trivia works with women in bars."-Ziva in " Lost at Sea" on NCIS.
  • "Quit your eco whining Captain Planet."-DiNozzo on NCIS.
  • "McInsecurity...McGeek."-DiNozzo on NCIS.
  • "Craw fish Casanova."-DiNozzo on NCIS.
  • "Settle down Hemingway."-DiNozzo on NCIS.
  • "Well, I ruled Nicaragua once."-Hetty in "Dead Body Politic" on NCIS: Los Angeles.
  • "If I look at one more email I'm going to need thicker glasses."-Eric on NCIS: LA.
  • "I'm interested in you."-Ryan in "I'll Be Right Here" on Parenthood.
  • "Some people say that having asperger's can sometimes be a bad thing, but I'm glad I have it, because I think it's my greatest strength."-Max on Parenthood.
  • "This is awesome. I'm never reading another book again. There's no time."-Mark on Parenthood.
  • "The world needs more dreamers Luke, never stop licking things."-Phil in "Open House of Horrors" on Modern Family.
  • "You're the kind of person who can be twice as scary without wearing any make-up."-Phil on Modern Family.
  • "It was between periods, right before this big test. I was clearing my mind by practicing some Gene Kelly dance moves...and my umbrella accidentally snagged the fire alarm."-Manny on Modern Family.
  • "What I wouldn't give for this umbrella to have Mary Poppins' powers."-Manny on Modern Family.
  • "I kind of just took it out on Harry Potter. But honestly a Gryffindor letting his mom carry his quidditch  broom? How Hufflepuff is that?"-Phil on Modern Family.
  • "There maybe dead homeless people inside the walls." "Then they found a home after all."-Realtor and Marilyn on Mockingbird Lane.
  • "If we see any dead hoboes I can run a finger printing patch and find their families."-Eddie on Mockingbird Lane.
  • "You have to stop thinking of him as fragile and or edible."-Herman on Mockingbird Lane.
  • "Marilyn I adore you. I was the one that talked your mother out of eating you."-Grandpa on Mockingbird Lane.
  • "You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have something to be careful of."-Herman on Mockingbird Lane.
  • "So long as you live in the past you cannot find four future."-Rumpelstiltskin in "The Doctor" on Once Upon A Time.
Best Outfits:
  • Chuck's purple bow tie in Gossip Girl.
  • Blair's red dress with her red head band in Gossip Girl.
  • Blair's purple dress that just happened to match Chuck's purple bow tie on Gossip Girl though I wasn't a fan of her flower earrings.
  • Nora's pj's on Parenthood.
  • Clair's Bo Peep costume on Modern Family.
  • Manny's Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain Costume on Modern Family.
  • Gloria's alien costume on Modern Family.
  • Herman's plaid pants on Mockingbird Lane.
  • Lily's brown dress on Mockingbird Lane.
  • Nolan looked as dapper as ever on Revenge.
  • Charming's should gun holster on OUAT.
Product Placement:
  • Anderson Cooper on Gossip Girl.
  • Miami Heat on Happy Endings.
  • Captain Planet on NCIS.
  • Top Gun on NCIS.
  • Yelp on NCIS: LA.
  • Ronald Reagan  on NCIS: LA.
  • Michael Phelps on NCIS: LA.
  • Game of Thrones on NCIS: LA.
  • Wonder Twins on NCIS: LA.
  • Iphone on Parenthood and Grimm.
  • Tea on Parenthood.
  • Harry Potter on Modern Family.
  • Zac Posen on Arrow.
  • The View on The Vampire Diaries.
  • Gibbs head slapped DiNozzo on NCIS, this isn't new but it feels like it hasn't happened in a while.
  • Hetty is the secret moderator for the presidential debates on NCIS: LA? Very clever of those writers.
  • I loved how on Modern Family Manny's Angel was a baseball player and the devil was Luke!
  • Criminal Minds was intense this week--not that that's a different M.O. But they definitely went Halloween on us with a Frankenstein episode! Dr. Frankenstein had a major God complex and this Frankenstein was no differently.
  • Did anyone else get chills when Kara walked in and hugged Victoria on Revenge?
  • I'm all about OUAT pulling from different source material and mixing fairy-tales with other literary characters but the Frankenstein twist was interesting. The main thing that I question is where is Victor's world? I get Oz, Neverland, the Giant at the top of the bean stalk, but an alternative Victoria Steam punk Europe?
  • I love how excited Monroe is about Halloween!
  • Is there really one one person in the Portland PD that speaks Spanish on Grimm? That is hard to believe, but it did get Juliette back in the station.
  • I've always liked Rebecca on the Vampire Diaries and I'm glad some of the originals were back this week. Klaus is evil...but he's so good at it!

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