09 October 2012

TV Tuesday.

I love the fact that when Charming pulled Jefferson out of his car he is holding a rabbit and there is a tea set that just happened to land next to his car! Cora is alive and well in the FTL?! It kind of makes sense, why would Regina want to take her mother to reality? But still I thought she was the queen of hearts, where has she been? A little disappointed that OUAT still insists on using the fuggly pictures in Henry's book. Granny should always carry a cross bow and Charming should always have a sword. Where did Pinocchio go and where was Belle? I really liked the shot of Charming and Henry eating together, I look forward to seeing Charming trying to take care of Henry. I hope that they tell us what Rumple's real connection with Regina's family is.
Best Lines:
  • "Boobs improve everything."-Janie in "Do You Believe in Ghosts...Yes!" on Go On.
  • "Turns out I have way more game than I thought."-Zoe in "I Fall to Pieces" on Hart of Dixie.
  • "It's one step from letting your hair go gray and caring for animals."-Lady on Hart of Dixie.
  • "I have no interest in going all John Wayne against George Tucker to be your boyfriend."-Wade on Hart of Dixie.
  • "Bullets are about as rare and precious as diamonds."-Jeremy in "No Quarter" on Revolution.
  • "We're gonna Shawshank our asses out of here."-Miles on Revolution.
  • "This kid was like the Mozart of wedgies."-Aaron on Revolution.
  • "I'm basically married to a sexy Buzz Lightyear."-Bernadette in "The Decoupling Fluctuation" on The Big Bang Theory.
  • "Hippy-dippy."-Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.
  • "It's like high stakes legos."-Nick in "Fluffer" on New Girl.
  • "Telling me that I look like one of the most handsome men in politics does not hurt my feelings."-Schmidt on New Girl.
  • "This place is fancy and I don't know which fork to kill myself with."-Nick on New Girl.
  • "Good news, I'm mentally stable."-McGee in "Recovery" on NCIS.
  • "Are the nuns still nuns? Or can they...date?" Dr. Whale in "We Are Both" on Once Upon A Time.
  • "Come on boys, it's off to work we go?"-Grumpy on OUAT.
  • "What now revenger?"-Nolan in "Resurrection" on Revenge.
  • "Sunshine and happy thoughts aren't going to get us through this."-Victoria on Revenge.
  • "Could you turn around? I need to put some pants on."-Nolan on Revenge.
  • "It's like you just expect me to be your fashionably dressed, technologically savvy side kick."-Nolan on Revenge.
Best Outfit:
  • Cams white/blue/black dress on Bones.
  • Regina's black dress was pretty fierce on Once Upon A Time.
  • Ashley's red/white dress with the black belt on Revenge.
Product Placement:
  • Itunes on Go On.
  • Chevy on Hawaii 5-0.
  • Frozen Heat by Richard Castle on Castle.
  • Coco puffs on Revolution.
  • Marvin Gaye on Revolution.
  • Harry Potter on Parenthood.
  • Hunger Games on Parenthood.
  • Obama on Parenthood.
  • Raisinets on The Big Bang Theory.
  • The Avengers on The Big Bang Theory.
  • Ikea on New Girl.
  • Mitt Romney on New Girl.
  • Harry Potter on Elementary.
  • Fantastic Four on Revenge.
  • Hart of Dixie's George Tucker still annoys the crap out of me...and Wade...yeah I don't think there was really a question about that.
  • Kristina or Jodi Lyn O'Keefe on Castle--um she walked onto the screen and I thought there is our cold blooded killer. Why? Because she will forever and always be the crazy killer lady Susan/Gretchen from Prison Break.
  • Every time I watch Revolution I think--if this really happened then people really should have made their way to Utah because for decades prophets have been telling us to get our year supplies together. If people had a years supply then things might have gone better. Then I hear the the whole stock piling of arms schpeel at the beginning and I think of Obama and how since he took office guns and ammo sells have gone through the roof! Did anyone else get chills when LOST alum Mark Pellegrino showed up on screen.
  • There was a slap fight on New Girl this week--we need more slap fights in our life.
  • I liked that on Elementary Sherlock spends his free time picking locks!
  • Why oh why does Nolan just assume he can trust Padma on Revenge? Hasn't he learned anything since meeting Emily--you cannot trust anyone! It was nice to see Emily's revengey ex with an accent in this episode, though I don't think she's going to be very happy he shot the white haired man.

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