15 November 2012


With Thanksgiving fastly approaching I thought it would be appropriate to visit our Sunnydale friends for one of my favorite Thanksgiving episodes--Pangs.

Thanksgiving is summed up nicely by Anya as "a ritual sacrifice, with pie." Pangs is a holiday classic; you have angry Native American spirits let loose seeking revenge, Spike tied to a chair, Xander throwing fruit at a bear, Spike being hit with arrows. Giles, as the shows patriarch, is chosen to host the Thanksgiving dinner and his house becomes the epicenter for--well everything really. We also learn that Riley is from Iowa very boring considering almost everyone who sees Angel in the episode assumes that he's evil again! It's an entertaining episode but the real development is that Spike turns to the Scoobies for help; he chooses to align himself with his would be enemy to face a greater--at least in his mind--evil, the Initiative.

  • Foreshadowing: Willow talking about the missing ear a "demon that is building another demon"--hello Initiative Adam.
  • Product Placement: The Village People; Sal's Surf Shop; Grant Wood
  • Whedonism: "horse hooey"; "Yam Sham"; "I like my evil, like I like my men...evil."

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Okie said...

One of my favorite Buffy episodes. We still pull this one out from time to time even not at Thanksgiving. Great fun.

And I love the blog title...

"You made a bear". :)