31 January 2013

30 January 2013


Christmas Eve means Nevitt Family party! The party consists of ridiculously yummy  Mexican food, Cotton rides, Singing, Santa and new Nevitt Knight shirts.

{PH, W, Auntie and PB}
This year our cotton ride turned into a hay ride--let me just tell you that it's a lot easier climbing onto a hay ride trailer then climbing up into a cotton trailer. My boys were all sporting last years Nevitt Knight shirts.

{Beautiful Nevitt cousins and almost Nevitt cousins} 
It was so fun to have all these cute girls in town. They are so fun!

D was so excited to be Santa this year he was practicing Christmas jokes for days. The beard gave him a little trouble but he did really well. Unfortunately as soon as he sat down PB came up to me and said "Auntie that's not Santa, that's D. I saw his wrist bands." Even though he knew it wasn't the real Santa he was still pretty excited!

Christmas is so fun! I cannot believe we have to wait a whole year before we get to do it again!

29 January 2013

Geeky Insults.

"I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand, you warthog-faced buffoon."-Westley (The Dread Pirate Roberts), The Princess Bride

28 January 2013


Utah Sheriff's Association has sent a letter to President Obama warning him against restricting gun control.
Good for them and the other law enforcement officers around the country that are refusing to enforce and Federal gun restrictions against American citizens. As I read this I am reminded of my state, Arizona, and it's fight against illegal immigration and how often state and federal government butt heads against this issue. Because as some of you know Immigration is suppose to be a Federal issue--one they've ignored. So when citizens of Arizona pass immigration laws through a lawful election the government likes to step in and tell us "Nope, that's a Federal issue." Which often makes want to tell them to get their Federal Asses out of Washington and do something about it. So now that the Federal government is passing laws that restrict my right as an American citizen to protect myself, my second Amendment right

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

It really pisses me off and I'm not even a gun person. But I have the right to be one! So to all those officers that are not going to enforce these ridiculous Federal gun control laws that are in the process of being passed--I salute you! And pray that Obama and his robo-government does not take away the powers that we as citizens gave you in the first place.

27 January 2013


"When each of us has the doctrine of the Atonement written deep in our hearts, then we will begin to become the kind of people the Lord wants us to be when He comes again."

This was one of my favorite talks from conference.

After listening to this talk, I came away with the understanding that...

Our daily sacrifices are a broken heart and a contrite spirit. IF I want the Lord to write/engrave His image on my heart, then I Must Daily Choose to Follow Him. It is only by choosing every single day to let the Lord write on my heart--praying daily, studying the scriptures daily, to simple Live Boldly -that the Lord becomes engraved on my heart.

26 January 2013


On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong.
mentally awake, and morally straight.

D and H are officially Eagle Scouts! I'm so proud of these two boys young men. They worked really hard for YEARS and finally did it! It was a really nice little ceremony. If anyone has ever been to an Eagle Court of Honor then you know what an Eagles Nest is, but for those of you who haven't been to one an Eagles Nest is a section that is set apart where all the Eagle Scouts sit. I've never been to a court of Honor where there were more Eagle Scouts--that was cool! Anyways it was a fun night!

Congrats D and H!

25 January 2013

24 January 2013

Self Govenment.

Did our government know? I believe they did. Did they do anything about it? I believe that they ignored it then blamed a FILM MAKER. 

Not only did they blame him for the riot they've thrown him in prison. Why? Because he made a movie that offended Muslims. Have you heard of the award winning Broadway musical called the Book of Mormon. I have and from what I hear--it's not very nice Mormons. Yet, no Mormons--well at least none that I know of--have burned down theaters or killed people and no one in Washington has even thought that this musical might offend Mormons. 

Instead of rioting and killing people the Leadership of the Mormon church instead put an ad in the Los Angeles productions playbill. It's a simple ad one that will let people who have never read the Book of Mormon know more about it. This is how we self govern. We don't need bigger governments telling us what to do and imprisoning film makers simply because they don't want to take the blame for the deaths of American citizens. But it's not just the big things, we're faced with things everyday that can be handled by simply taking maters into your own hands and not running to find a lawyer or a police officer or a senator. 

We're Americans--we need man up and start acting like it!

17 January 2013

Geeky Insults.

"You are a sad strange little man, and you have my pity."-Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

16 January 2013

Where in the World.

"The worst surroundings in the world can be tolerated if the people in them are interesting and kind."-Lemony Snicket, The Bad Beginning

I really like globes
This would be such a fun party--Yellows, Blues and Greens--so fun!!

13 January 2013

12 January 2013


"Star of wonder, star of night, Star with royal beauty bright."

 {O and W}
Every Christmas we always go see the Mesa Temple lights.

{Pop "Big Nose" and his boys!}
It was sprinkling the night that we went this year and it was lovely. Usually there are a lot of people but on this sprinkley night there was hardly anyone! 

{Auntie and PH!}
The boys loved it! I don't think Christmas lights have ever been more exciting!

09 January 2013

Happiness is the Little Things.

287. Getting the one shaded spot in the parking lot!

08 January 2013

A Memory.

It's here!

Yep, I got up this morning, got ready, and headed into town to find my copy of Robert Jordan's (and Brandon Sanderson) last and final volume of The Wheel of Time. Fortunately I only had to go as far as Queen Creek's Wal-Mart. And it was there in Wal-Mart's book aisle that I found this beautiful book--embarrassingly enough if made me tear up. Yes, I am that big of a book nerd; the final installment of a remarkable fantasy series that I started reading when I was in high school make me tear up. 

Since this is the last time I will ever read a Wheel of Time book for the first time I picked up a few things to make sure that I do this right. I hurried home sat down and...paused. I'm almost afraid to open it now. I've waited so long--not as long as some but twelve of my twenty-eight years--and now I'm not sure I want it to be over. But I need to know!!

There are neither beginnings nor endings to the Wheel of Time but this is most definitely the beginning of what I hope is an amazing and satisfying ending!