30 January 2013


Christmas Eve means Nevitt Family party! The party consists of ridiculously yummy  Mexican food, Cotton rides, Singing, Santa and new Nevitt Knight shirts.

{PH, W, Auntie and PB}
This year our cotton ride turned into a hay ride--let me just tell you that it's a lot easier climbing onto a hay ride trailer then climbing up into a cotton trailer. My boys were all sporting last years Nevitt Knight shirts.

{Beautiful Nevitt cousins and almost Nevitt cousins} 
It was so fun to have all these cute girls in town. They are so fun!

D was so excited to be Santa this year he was practicing Christmas jokes for days. The beard gave him a little trouble but he did really well. Unfortunately as soon as he sat down PB came up to me and said "Auntie that's not Santa, that's D. I saw his wrist bands." Even though he knew it wasn't the real Santa he was still pretty excited!

Christmas is so fun! I cannot believe we have to wait a whole year before we get to do it again!

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