28 January 2013


Utah Sheriff's Association has sent a letter to President Obama warning him against restricting gun control.
Good for them and the other law enforcement officers around the country that are refusing to enforce and Federal gun restrictions against American citizens. As I read this I am reminded of my state, Arizona, and it's fight against illegal immigration and how often state and federal government butt heads against this issue. Because as some of you know Immigration is suppose to be a Federal issue--one they've ignored. So when citizens of Arizona pass immigration laws through a lawful election the government likes to step in and tell us "Nope, that's a Federal issue." Which often makes want to tell them to get their Federal Asses out of Washington and do something about it. So now that the Federal government is passing laws that restrict my right as an American citizen to protect myself, my second Amendment right

"The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

It really pisses me off and I'm not even a gun person. But I have the right to be one! So to all those officers that are not going to enforce these ridiculous Federal gun control laws that are in the process of being passed--I salute you! And pray that Obama and his robo-government does not take away the powers that we as citizens gave you in the first place.

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