24 January 2013

Self Govenment.

Did our government know? I believe they did. Did they do anything about it? I believe that they ignored it then blamed a FILM MAKER. 

Not only did they blame him for the riot they've thrown him in prison. Why? Because he made a movie that offended Muslims. Have you heard of the award winning Broadway musical called the Book of Mormon. I have and from what I hear--it's not very nice Mormons. Yet, no Mormons--well at least none that I know of--have burned down theaters or killed people and no one in Washington has even thought that this musical might offend Mormons. 

Instead of rioting and killing people the Leadership of the Mormon church instead put an ad in the Los Angeles productions playbill. It's a simple ad one that will let people who have never read the Book of Mormon know more about it. This is how we self govern. We don't need bigger governments telling us what to do and imprisoning film makers simply because they don't want to take the blame for the deaths of American citizens. But it's not just the big things, we're faced with things everyday that can be handled by simply taking maters into your own hands and not running to find a lawyer or a police officer or a senator. 

We're Americans--we need man up and start acting like it!

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