29 March 2013


PB turned 5 this month! On his birthday we picked up some lunch from McDonalds and then headed to the park. While we were waiting I rolled down his window and told him he had to tell everyone he saw it was his birthday. He yelled out his window to every car we passed. Then we got to the park and every time a construction truck passed--some two or three times--he would yell "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" It was so fun!

For his birthday party we had a baseball T-ball party--PB kept telling me it was not a Baseball party. We borrows a legit hot dog cart from Uncle J and Aunt L and it made the party...in my opinion! I thought it was the cutest coolest--per PB his party isn't cute it is cool because he's a boy--thing ever!

 I had to make myself and appropriate baseball shirt for the party. PB gave me a flower--one from Nana's flowers on the front porch--before the party started. It was a real fun party!

The highlight of the party was Grandma D's present. A huge turtle that PB promptly names Shelly. All the kids loved the turtle! 

It was quite the party!

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