08 March 2013

World Headquarters.

"She thinks my tractor's sexy!"-Kenny Chesney

Papa attended a conference at John Deere World Headquarters last week. I was excited he went because that meant that he would bring back some cool JD swag--unfortunately he is unwilling to part with the hat they gave him and instead I had to settle on a tractor...which more than likely will end up in one of my nephews sticky hands! The good news is that I'm pretty sure one of the next family vacations we take will be to Moline, IL to visit their World Headquarters--I'll admit that I had no idea they had a world headquarters--it's kind of fun to say/type. Papa is still talking about how cool it was--Christmas morning cool to an old AZ farmer. If anyone is ever around Moline, I highly suggest you stop by John Deere World Headquarters; it will be a treat to anyone--little boys fascinated with tractors, Papa's fascinated with tractors and farmer girls who just want to ride in them!

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