08 May 2013


Did you hear Neil Gaiman is coming to Arizona on his last US book tour?
{I've already bought my ticket!}

I love Neil Gaiman and his writing but I'm not really acquainted with his wife, Amanda Palmer. She is very intense; I go back and forth on my feelings about her--but then again she did marry Neil Gaiman and you have to envy that. But then I watched her TEDtalk "The Art of Asking" and I loved it.

When did asking gain such a bad rap? While subbing this last week one of the classes started to talk about this whole asking thing. One example we talked about was when your in the checkout line and you only have 1-2 items is it ok to ask the person in front of you with a cart full of stuff if you could go in front of them? Would you be offended if they asked you if they could go in front of you? 

Then at church a girl was talking about Esther. And of course I was only half listening because I know the story of Esther. Then she said something that earned my full attention. Esther, one of the great Biblical heroines, asked her people for help. Asking them to pray and fast for her before she went before the king. 

There is no harm in asking?

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