24 July 2013

Half Blood Prince.

First, let me just say how proud I am to be an American and that we are an independent nation with no monarchy. That being said I am completely enamored by the new wee royal.

 I love that they both wore blue--and they were so happy!

Plus look at him! Oh my goodness he's cute!!

19 July 2013

Favorite Fridays.

Graham Crackers... 

I haven't had graham crackers in forever but lately these have become my favorite late night snack!

American Leadership Academy

Have I mentioned that I'm a teacher? Well I am!! I'll be teaching 7th grade English at ALA. I am very excited and a wee bit nervous about school starting but after a week of training meetings I simply wish that the first day of school was here.

15 July 2013

Wet Shirt.

A 12 foot Mr. Darcy? Oh heck yes!

This masterful sculpture has been temporarily placed in London's Serpentine lake before it embarks on a tour of England. It will make its home at Lyme Park where the now famous wet shirt scene was filmed.

I find it quite hilarious that one of the most famous Pride and Prejudice scenes is one that Austen did not pen!

12 July 2013

Favorite Friday.

Detective Sargent James Hathaway.

If you have not seen Inspector Lewis then I suggest you watch it. It's a lovely British mystery series that you can watch on Netflix if you haven't seen it on Masterpiece. I love it and Laurence Fox is brilliant as DS Hathaway!

Holy moly this is delicious--so good that I will not admit how many I've had this last week! Next time you head to the store make sure you pick up some coconut syrup, limes, half & half and of course some Diet Coke!

A Book Jar

I first read about a book jar on Chels & a Book and I love the idea! In fact, today I will be making my own book jar! A book jar is pretty self explanatory--it is a jar full of book titles that you want to read! Sometimes I struggle trying to decide what I should read next, but this way it will be chance that decides for me!

10 July 2013


Watch Where You Step!

Today is 
Don't Step On A Bee Day
So watch out for those stingers today! In honor of bees and the honey they make I'm going to eat some Honeycomb...cereal!

What will you do to celebrate this random holiday?

05 July 2013

Favorite Friday.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this show? Yes, it's reality TV; Yes, it's probably scripted but I don't care! I love me some Robertson family TV and today I'm prepping for Meg's Duck Dynasty birthday party!!


I am loving me some watermelon lately. It's the perfect summertime snack. It's been ridiculously hot lately and this sweet red deliciousness has been such a treat when it's served nice and cold!

The Circus

We went to the Circus this week and it was AMAZING! I loved it...maybe more than the kids did!!

02 July 2013


I was on Pinterest, pinteresting when I saw this super cute cereal bar! Does this not make you want to have a breakfast/brunch party...better yet a slumber party so you have an excuse to have this cute cereal bar?!! My favorite part is the spoon board behind the cereal. I then clicked through and realized that it was a Hostess with the Mostess party--which means that the rest of the party is absolutely amazing...and slightly over the top. I would love to throw a brunch that cool but I'm content with a little cereal bar!

Who wants to come to brunch?